6.02 patch - crackles!

I just installed. Was working on a project before and after, and after, the ASIO meter is showing peaks every couple of seconds, even without the project playing. Audible crackles. I can get rid of them by increasing the buffer size from 64 to 256, but it isn’t a heavy project (no VSTis, for example), and when it doesn’t peak, the ASIO meter is hanging around 50%. I guess I’d better back 6.02 off. Before I do, anybody else experiencing this?

Should also mention, nothing else running, and when I go into the performance meters in task manager, there are no CPU spikes that I can see; maybe that’s just normal since it’s just taking a snapshot every second?

Also, can anyone advise on how to back off safely? I think it’s as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling from my 6.0 CD, right?

Wait, there’s more. On a couple of my projects that are hovering around 50% ASIO meter, the ones that crackle, I’m getting about a half second delay when playing my guitar through an amp sim (not direct monitoring). Hit the note, wait a half second, hear the note. Tried Guitar Rig 4, Amplitube Jimi Hendrix, and the Cubase 6 amp sim, happens with all of them. On some other projects that are not as heavy (30% ASIO), this is not happening. Also didn’t happen before I upgraded.

So this upgrade is not working for me, wanted to see if anybody else is having problems before I back it out.

Hello Early21.
I found a similar behavior with Cubase 6.02 (haven’t tested for the delay but the crackles).
On my projects (about 8 tracks with just a few inserts) I did not have any problem with Cubase 6 and 6.01.
Asio Load was at about 20 %. The buffersize of for my Firewire Focusrite Sapphire 40 was set to 126 Samples and no crackles.
With Cubase 6.02 the Asio Load was about 40 % without changing anything else and crackles (and Asiopeaks) about every second or two. Since I have increase the Asiobuffer to 196 the Asioload is down to 20% again and no crackles, any more.

Just my observations.

The Homeplayer

Have you tried trashing your prefs yet?
Doing this can sort out MANY issues… if you don’t want to loose your current prefs just cut and paste the containing folder to your desktop and cubase will rebuild prefs when you start it again… It’s usually one of the first things worth trying.

Also… on one occasion, for reasons still unknown to me, my BIOS decided to reset my memory speed to 1066 instead of the 1600 it should have been… caused no end of crackles and pops and head scratching!

Thanks for the suggestion, Majtones. I won’t be able to try that until this evening (US time).

I trashed my preferences, but it didn’t solve either of the problems I’ve reported here. I really couldn’t think of anything else to do but to uninstall Cubase and then reinstall from the CD. The problems are gone, so at least I know it wasn’t something else that I had inadvertently done. Unfortunately, there was at least one fix in that upgrade that I was looking for, namely the repair for the audio artifacts in the Multiband Compressor. I guess I have to hope that others have my two other problems so that Steinberg issues another update?

6.0.2 patch also did ruin performance in Cubase. Patch 6.0.1 was working fine and I’m back to it. Hard to understand why is that, but any project working before crackles all the time, it’s not a small degradation, it’s a complete one. I might try to test some more, but I’m keeping 6.0.1 for the moment.

Check your computer hasn’t reverted to a power economy mode. Cubase now has that feature that enforces a suitable Power Scheme. I’m not sure how nicely it plays with some systems that bypass the standard Windows power management utility.

Thanks for the idea; I checked that, and the power plan was not changed. Also, everything is working ok after uninstalling 6.02, so I think we can rule out other independent environment changes.

Cean, thanks for confirming that you have experienced the same issue. Interesting that you didn’t have the issue with 6.0.1. Makes me think maybe I can install 6.0.1 to get the fix for the Multiband Compressor. Did you also experience the input delay issue?

I will take some time to check it, and I’ll return to you

Hello Early,

I haven’t experienced the Asio increase, but this week I’ve had what sounds like the same wierd delay issues when trying to track guitar on an existing 6.0 or 6.1 project. I’ve had something similar before, which I solved by removing the Cubase vst effects from the track in question whilst tracking, then putting them back for mixing. This hasn’t worked for me this time.

I hope to have some more time to play around this weekend and find out more.


Hello Steve, your comments made me wonder if it has anything to do with moving projects over from 6.0 to 6.02. I didn’t create new projects in 6.02, just tried the ones I had. Also, most of them originated in 4.5. But the pattern is not consistent in that some projects that originated from 4.5 don’t have the problem. What seems to be common to the projects that do have the delay problem is that they run the ASIO meter a little higher, and it’s hard to quantify. Increasing the buffer size didn’t fix the problem either.

Just bumping this one to see if others are experiencing these issues, which are severe and make 6.0.2 unusable for me.

I’m really excited about Cubase6…best Cubase ever! But I’ve also got crackles and low performance with the new 6.02 update…never had any problems like that before.


I was getting cracks and pops as well (only using VST instruments) with buffer at 256, changed it to 384 and they went away. I can direct monitor so latency is not a problem BUT if I want to hear any of the built in effects as I play I have to deal with the latency.

I’ve been following the thread with interest.

  1. Early21 - you wrote

, but I thought you also wrote in your 1st post at the top of the page that increasing the buffer DID fix the problem?

  1. Does anyone know - has it been established that 6.02 is somehow more resource-intensive than 6.00 or even 6.01?

Jus thought id ad to this that im also experiencing these issues, (see my other thread)
I also have a saffire pro40, Its not making cubase unsusable, but its damn irritating.

Alexis, sorry for confusing. I was talking about two different issues, and maybe I should have started another thread for the second. Increasing the buffer size eliminates the first issue (the crackles for a project that didn’t crackle on 6.0.0) at the cost of performance. Increasing the buffer size did not solve the 2nd problem of the delay when monitoring my guitar through an amp sim in Cubase.

Thanks for reporting in, I’m wondering how we go about finding situations that cause this problem? I will have to reinstall and experiment; so far the only pattern I noticed was that the projects that experienced these problems were relatively heavy projects (making use of a lot of plugs and vsti’s). I will have to see if I can narrow it down. I also have projects where neither of the issues occur.