64-bit rewire?

Any more news as to when or if Cubase 6, or any other version, will support rewire in 64-bit mode? Propellerhead have made the effort with Reason 6 and its annoying that i have to run both in 32-bit mode. I really do need the extra ram usage in both programs that 64-bit can do.

At least tell me its in the works, or in the next update.


Yes, please tell us it’s in the works! I’m really baffled at why it’s not already :unamused:


Thanks, I missed that thread somehow.

Seems you haven’t added 64-bit rewiring like you said you were in the next update. Disappointment by Steinberg, again. Comon, sort it out guys.

Re-read the statement. It said 64-bit Rewire support in a future update… it did not say 64-bit support in the next update. :wink: )

Any more updates on this?

To summarize what I’ve read on this forum, they’ve reiterated that it is in the works, and they hope to have it to us by (end of?) April 2012, the date being a bit of a rumor perhaps, but they have committed to delivering it in Cubase 6.