64 bits

Is anyone working successfully in 64 bits?

Are most of the third party plugins 64 bit yet?

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There are a few rather informative threads about this.
It is worth looking them up. All the latest extensive info can be found in them…

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I tried looking for threads first. “64 Bit” was not considered a valid search.

Yes, … too many of them…lol… write 64bit in one word…
133 matches for 64bit in the topic titles, 12 in Nuendo alone…
Have a look…

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Search “jbridge”

Try Google. I think the syntax is [“site:”][address to website][space][search terms]. That’ll search your search terms at that address only. So for you I’d suggest:

site:Steinberg Forums “64 bit”

Try it. And change what’s in “” to get different results.

Thanks to everyone for their advise.

I’ve installed and updated the 64 bit version and here’s the problem I’m having:

My templates get stuck in loading. I have mostly UAD plugins in the template with a few Waves, which I understand won’t work yet in the 64 bit domain, and a few other scattered third party plug-ins.

In my 32 bit version the template will load and then i will get a description, if applicable, as to the plugins that wouldn’t load. Nuendo just gets stuck now and I have to close it through “end task” in Windows.

I’d sure appreciate any advise on how to circumvent this problem.

You need to get the latest UAD software (v6) and use the x64 bit drivers (the plugins themselves are still 32-bit at the moment - UAD are still working on converting all of the plugins).

They might then work with the Nuendo bridge, although I use jBridge which works well.

Some plugins don’t work with the VST-Bridge. For these I use jBridge.

I managed to get my 64 bit version of Nuendo going.

What I noticed was that Steinberg’s bridging application actually causes less plugins to be able to load than the by using the 32 bit version of Nuendo. I am using Jbridge instead for that purpose, which works just fine. My Waves plugins won’t show up no matter what I do.

My question: all of my plugins with the exception of the Spectrasonics ones are 32 bit and bridged (through Jbridge) in to Nuendo 64 bit.

Does running the 64 bit version of Nuendo have any advantages over the 32 bit version, being that almost all of my third party plug-ins that I use are 32 bit?

Yes = Extreme projects require a lot of RAM and that’s where it comes into play.

I use jBridge with Waves 7.1 and I can use them without problems. The only thing I’m missing is rewire64, which still doesn’t exist.

I say don’t bother going to 64-bit if you have most of your plugs in 32-bit. The Bridge will drive you mad.

When you have all your stuff at 64-bit, do the jump. It will be a big difference. Never run out of RAM-problems, (well you have to have the RAM first), and it runs smother.


I had to go 64 bit last week, working on a 560 track project - it took me some time to get all issues sorted - but now I can say: I never had such a stable and powerfull setup!

jBridge is a must and a brilliant application.

I had to bridge Waves V8, which is possible without any problem EXEPT that the bridged versions will not open with their settings (from the 32bit project) - there is no solution for this yet exept saving the settings to presets first, one by one, then opening in 64bit and loading them one by one again - well, 20 min of work, but after doing that I was happily enjoying 64bit.

UAD works ok with bitbridge (internal) but only when just “some” plugins are used. “Some” means - well, 20 or something… Above that Nuendo will freeze when inserting “another” plugin or while opening a bigger project which was set up in 32bit. But jBridge did it awesome, I am now able to slam 1x UAD2 quad and 3x UAD1 completely without issues (just some with UAD1 plugins, this is easy to fix, just check jBridge troubleshooting, you need to tweak some jBridge settings for the plugins running on UAD1)

Powercore Plugins (I only use the verbs, but quite lot) are running perfect with bitbridge, NO issues.

Old Nuendo3 plugins as well as Drumagog - perfect with bitbridge.Only issue - the midi in/out of Drumagog was not working - solution: export trackarchives, import in empty 32bit Project, edit, record midi tracks etc etc, export trackarchiv, import back in 64bit.

Other oldies, Autotune7, some classic freebies etc gave me GUI errors with bitbridge or just did not work, with jBridge they work without a hickup. I use Autotune via keystroke for offline processing, works perfect, event based history … etc.

Fazit: I have the feeling that stability of jBridged plugins is at least as good as in 32bit/32bit, even better (when using oldies which gave CPU spikes because of denormalizing issues before etc). It seems that CPU load is spread better between the cores, I was never able to bang the CPU that hard, and of course the RAM… yea… no VSTi, but because of the size and because of heavy automation use I am already at about 6GB RAM usage, impossible with 32bit host. It is a great feeling that I even could load a couple of EastWest Libraries without issues, using all the RAM I have (12GB)

In this project I chooed 64 bit plugins over the bridged ones first, if possible. Sonnox, Voxengo, PSP, Slate and Nomad Factory are already 64bit and are working great, Nuendo5 internal plugins are better than some might think, so, when having >500 tracks and you need just EQ number 499 to roll of some low end from a synth pad - just use Studio EQ, no CPU, 64bit, good sound.

→ If you don’t need 64 bit yet: Wait till everything is 64bit (Waves and UAD)
→ If you need it - it is possible, will need some time till everything is working fine, use jBridge!!!

Oh, there is just one … well… disadvantage:

If you saved vst-presets before, you will not be able to use/open them in the jBridged versions of the plugin. The plugins itself will load with the correct settings (exept waves) but the preset menue is empty.

(When using the internal bridge everything is fine, there is no difference in the use of a 32bit plugin in 64bit compared to 32/32 or 64/64, exept that it sometimes will just not work :slight_smile: )

If you need to access presets you have to load the plugin in 32bit, load vst preset, save to preset file (using the preset file management of the plugin, which is application/host independent - then load that in the 64bit bridged version.

OR just free youself from old mistakes and set it up completely from scratch :slight_smile:)

As a long time Nuendo/Cubase user you might be used to that already - loosing all presets on a regular base is a well known Steinberg gimmick - “creativity first”!! ^^

I’ve noticed that for me the save time is 3 times as long. On my big projects that’s 10 seconds in 64 bit, which isn’t really worth it for me.

I’m guessing that maybe this is due to all of my UAD plug-ins being Jbridged.

I have autosave every two minutes because I always forget to do it.

Does anyone know a workaround or even a just a reason for this?

I think that I saw somewhere that Steinberg is working on a “save in background” functionality.

Use jBridge for 64-bit VSTI and use Nuendo32 on Win7 x64. That will solve most memory problems and minimize plugin compatibility issues.

Indeed, if the project is “regular sized” and you need the extra-memory only for large VSTis - then this is the way to go!!

If the project is so big that it exeeds maximum memory size WITHOUT any vstis then you have to go full 64bit.

I have the new Sonnox 64-bit plugs now - HALLELUJAH! The TC PowerCore Plugs seem to work OK with the native bridge. And many of the updated Nuendo plugs can be useful too. I reckon there are a couple of other 64-bit suites available as well. At this point, I could probably do any project now in 64-bit - and I am going to start moving that way - finally. I reckon Waves and UAD will catch up soon enough.

As much as jBridge has been super helpful, I look forward to leaving that behind.

Brandy, what sort of projects are you doing that exceed 4GB? Just curious as only a few years ago projects hitting 2GB would have not been possible - at all.

Steve, even 6 months ago I would have not been able to handle that project. Well, it just turned out that big. Some time ago I would have to split it or create at least some submixes. This would have been quite nasty.

It is a full album production of a pagan-metal band - about 80min duration - not only the “metal” part of the album is quite oversized - talking about countless guitars, very big drumkit etc - it is a different genre but you might know about Blind Guardian… In addition to that a lot of overdubs - 10x marching snares incl overhead/room for example, toms, cymbals etc. Layered guitars, all of them recorded with 4 mics and one DI - routed to a group each. So just “one” guitar is 6 tracks. When it comes to lead, clean and acoustic guitars it can happen that you just need a special sound/effect for one single part, so you create a new track (new tracks + group) for that. Nylon, steel, 12 string, western acoustic guitars, often left-right double tracked, picking, chords, lead… all different - you need seperate tracks for that. I have not counted them but I would say at least 70 tracks (resp maybe 16 “instruments”) are acoustic guitars… Then we have all kind of vocals, growls, screams, clean… plus backings PLUS a big choir recorded track by track - then there is a classical orchestra, in addition to that a couple of synth sounds… Between the songs (songs are about 10-15 min of duration) some interludes, athmos…

With an complex routing, a lot of fx tracks etc I am well above 500 tracks. Without VSTis and without any automation I was at about 2,6GB.