7.0.6 is here....

Get stuck in, guys & gals.

Feels very snappy on my Mac. Still got those fuzzy/blury fonts, which suck, but at least I can now read the labels in the mixer channels. \0/

Hoping to have pin sharp font one day. One day… :confused:

I won’t be able to mess with it until tonight at the earliest. There are several things that are not mentioned in the fix list. For example, do you still have to click on the mixer to get focus to use the key commands? Does QLink now work for solo/mute on multi-selected tracks? I don’t suppose there are any new key commands …

Windows 7 x64 with Cubase 7.0.6 x64.

Still big fonts in mixing console (both inserts, sends, channel strips and track names).
Still annoying bug when unfreezing track with UAD plugins cause plugin stop working (only Cubase restart bring them back to work).

Is this update fake?

Mix console visual improvenets, fonts resizing, uad compatibility ? Forget it :frowning:

Hi there,

Fonts are ok here on my system, scaled over 2 lines in the Mixconsole.
If you use just longnames with special character, for example an underscore between two words this will be handled like one full word and NOT split to 2 lines. But if you exchange the underscore with space, it is working.

The freezing issue was not announced.
This has to be addressed by UAD itself.
We have made so many UAD improvements, which normally has to be done by the developer itself.

If you read carefully the announcement from Helge Vogt…you will see, that we announced the following:

Improved UAD compatibility

Cubase 7.0.6 features improved UAD compatibility, preventing “sample rate mismatch” issues.



Great update, thanks!

I’m happy with the new look, specially regarding the double line track names. However, it would be nice if hovering over a cut text (a plugin, label, send, etc) showed a tooltip with the full name of it, just like it happens when you hover a track name.

Incoherences among the different areas of the program should be revised at one point and fixed :slight_smile:


Why was it necessary to change minimum font size (minimum track height size) that was introduced in 7.0.4 ? There are MANY MANY Cubase users that uses non-HD displays with Cubase and these big fonts cause really serious problems for us. Now it’s difficult to read long plugins names in Mix Console.

What happend to context menu in Mix Console (that was available via right-button mouse click on channel fader) ? It doesn’t work in 7.0.6 anymore.

Sorry, but this update is NOT usable for me. Again. And I have to go back to 7.0.4. Again.



As well the context menu is working here on my system.

Seems more to be a local issue on your system.

  • re- install Cubase 7 ,directly 7.0.5 and then the Update to Cubase 7.0.6
  • Reset preferences for all installed Cubase version in one step and then start Cubase 7

I checked with the command “Channel and Rack Configuration 1” and yes you still have to manually change focus to the mixer.



thanks for suggestions. I’m on my way to clean install 7.0.5 ISO and then update to 7.0.6.

As for UAD issue. There is no problem at all in Cubase 6.5.5. And UAD Support mentioned several times that this bug needs to be fixed by Steinberg. So I think somebody should contact somebody to resolve issue that makes end users unhappy, right?

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO … I thought “focus issues” was a priority?

FINALLY! It was goofy to always have to flip to the arranger to solo/mute groups of tracks.

Thanks for checking.

We are in contact with UAD, but I have no further information regarding the freezing right now.


I did a clean install and deleted all registry settings and preference files. There’s no context menu in Mix Console anymore.

I waited for months for this update.

  • Font size fixed in mixer channel names :slight_smile: , but NOT insert/send names. :cry:
  • One click to open plugin - fixed. :smiley:
  • Enable/Disable button is still hidden and you have to do MOUSE OVER to display it. This is a huge annoyment, try to make Enable/Disable button appear if you go with your mouse from left to right (from another channel). The mouse cursor get “stuck” on the previous channels “Select Insert” arrow… you have to point your mouse in the center of the Insert name and then go back a little to the left… :cry:

Quick fix please.

Fonts look GREAT on my Macbook. SO happy … the large ones in 7.05 were SO annoying!

So do them on my MBP, as far as I can see, everything seems fine.

The things that disturbed me seem to have been fixed.

Did you deactivate the Right-mouse click “Toolbox” in the Cubase Preferences/Editing/Tools?

All I can say right now, this is untouched and of course still full working.

Sorry,I could follow up this.
Right mouse click over the Fader- area is not working, but anywhere else.
But this is by design.

No difference. Right click on faders doesn’t work.

Look at this screenshot, do you see where I have the mouse cursor? Do you see any Enable/Disable button for that insert slot? No! Instead I see the “Select Insert” for the other channel (the one on the left)…
This mouse over thingy is really annoying. Please please Steinberg fix this. Worked really nice since SX3…

What should be shown when you right-ckick on a fader? Mine does nothing, but I don’t miss anything either.

Right mouse click now lets you choose the channel while staying over the fader area, just move the mouse elsewhere and the context menu is back.
This will fasten your workflow, because you do not need anymore for example to move the cursor at the bottom in order to select the channel.