7.02 ctrl+mouse scroll - zoom in randomly not working

Hey guys, has anyone encountered this yet? i have only noticed it in latest update of 7.

Randomly in the middle of working CTRL+MOUSE SCROLL stops working for a while then comes back then stops working again…

any ideas?


Sorry, no idea. Just realized that issue as well. First I though my mousewheel was broken…

My scroll button intermittently stops working too - I’ve forgotten what I was doing when it did, but I found that opening a midi or audio event, then closing out of it fixes the problem.

Same here! This started happening after I updated to 7.0.2.

I had mousewheel issues, but Helge said it was working fine and closed my thread.

I too have noticed this with the 7.02 update. Definatley a bug !!!

thought it was just me. scrolling vertically with mousewheel sometimes stops, making me think cubase is crashing. not good. 7.02 ed

Me too. Sometimes mouse wheel doesn’t work… Randomly. For a while… Then works. No overload, CPU and so on… Simply mouse wheel doesn’t work…


same thing in main window to scroll up and down…

I’m on a Mac, but have also had similar issues with random mouse functions not working then working again. No solutions yet (besides N8’s suggestion), but might be related.


Yes same here. I’m on windows 7 64 bit and cubase 7.02 32 bit. Mouse scroll randomly stops. When I click into the mixer section, it starts working again. No big help but maybe help for Steinberg to solve the problem. :frowning:

Happens to me also!

Hey everyone I started a issue report here,