7.06 ... and so it begins again...

20 Mins. and nobody’s noticed…

I won’t notice until September 19th…

Please tell me they fixed the F3 crashing the mixer bug because I don’t see it in the announcement.

It’s implicit included in MixConsole improvements :wink:


Any Mac performance improvements (with virtual instrument handling)?

Found this about the mmcs http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms684247(v=vs.85).aspx

which is interesting. Looked on my machine and I have a pro audio category, I might try altering some values and see what happens :smiley:

Keith… I tried your link…did not work. What does it say?

Hi Helge,

great work! Most excited by 1 click plugin on the mixer

Just wondering has the insert hover control been improved/fixed/enhanced for 7.06. Since 7.05 every time I’m clicking a plugin on an insert I keep on bringing up Media Bay. Very difficult to not do when your trying to work fast



link was not parsed correctly- here is the correct link…

That’s because I could not post into the Cubase forum, but now I’m back and late !

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Dear Steinberg, sorry for the moaning of late, but thank you for listening to your customers. This update (on paper anyway) seems to address most of my issues.

Thank you.

I work for a software company and know that they have to maintain and test over 600.000 lines of code. Now I’m in an team which has to find a certain bug we know that exists but no clue in what section. So if you know how complex this can be, then you should understand that this a very difficult process. If Steinberg are working their ashes off get it done in 4 or say 5 versions it is OK by me, anyway when I really would need a stable Cubase I would switch to 6.5 which by the way is not needed for my practices in Cubase, I do not use much sophisticated functions so C7 worked very well for me (except when I had my dongle in an USB3 port - that was an awfull experience). :nerd:

And is it also implicit that plug-in windows will stay AOT in front of the MixConsole?

Thanks for the update Steinberg. :slight_smile:

One question: Has the issue of VSTs set to “Always on top” getting hidden behind the MC causing you to close and re-open the VST to make it visible again been fixed?

“The Solo defeat tooltip now displays the correct modifier (“ALT+CTRL”).”

Helge, does this mean that I finally can assign COPY to the CTRL key again?

Thanks in advance!


@Helge - did you guys fix the insert buttons? now it’s almost impossible to get the FX ui to pop up, the presets etc is in the way too much. You have to click on the far left of the inserted FX slot name in order to get it up. Really annoying!

Please can you confirm whether applying a group track preset bug has been fixed? I have been waiting for this from release and can’t see it listed? If not, I officially give up :frowning:


Is it a coincidence that RME also re-implemented the MMCSS back into their drivers ?
Looking forward to see if this really makes a difference :smiley:

This looks interesting:

Improved audio stability

To improve the overall audio stability under Windows, Cubase now ensures that the ASIO driver threads are using Windows MMCSS (Multimedia Class Scheduling Service).

And then reading the following link:


I’m still a little unclear about this. Is it saying this new switch will allocate more CPU power to ASIO load? Because that would be most welcome.