7.1 is here


An awesome fix list…it goes on forever…:slight_smile:

And FLAC is here - finally!

Good one PG!



Still not working with Scope Asio drivers.
Will this ever be fixed?

So far so good though i found one bug.

I have the mastersection floating and made it smaller then standard.
When i save the window layout, the height will still be the same as when i saved it it when i re-open wavelab but the width still resets to default and i have to make it smaller every time i re-open wavelab…

Also wondering if it’s possible to add ‘‘extra buttons’’ yourself in the new control bar (don’t know how you call it but i think i like it)
It would be really nice to have some functions that you use a lot as a shortcut in that bar for instance the ‘fade-out exponantial’ and things like that.

i’m afraid i found another bug…

When you save the general window layout as default for both audiofiles and montage it doesn’t work for both but just for the audio files window.
So i made all settings for audio files and montage like where i want things to be on my screens and you save this as default and restart wavelab the settings for the montage are gone. Even when you save the settings as a seperate file and re-open that it doesn’t work.

To make things a bit more clear some screenshots.


What happens exactly between pictures #2 and #3?
Here, when I set the exact same size for the Master Section, as your picture #1, and quit and relaunch WaveLab, the exact same size is found. So what do you do extra, that prevents this?

Concerning the other question, concerning the central bar, this is an option I’m thinking about.

Massive list, will test today, i miss the Native CC121 support, is this still on your roadmap?

Yes, CC121 is planned for 7.2.

You can see excactly in the pics what is happening.
The settings for the montage are not remembered and even when i open the manually saved preset it doesn’t work.
The audiofiles screen works fine, it’s just the montage.

You can also see that the mastersection in both montage and audiofiles will NOT be remembered concerning the width while the heigth is remembered.

Thank you! CC121 support is very much appreciated! Looking forward to it!

Did anyone find an ‘Easter egg’ yet? Where did you put it, PG?

Great News :slight_smile:

Great work, PG.

I would have been totally happy with just fixing the random cursor hopback and the window losing focus, but you added about 100 things on top of that. Much appreciated - those tiny aggravations are gone and I’m cruising through my work.

I work since version 7.0 with Scope Asio drivers and it works well. What is your problem ? Can you not choose in the audio streaming settings for Scope ASIO ?


Hi Steven, thanks for posting.
What version of Scope are you running? My Wavelab problem only began with Scope Version 5.1.2709.


PG - will CC121 support be for Wavelab Elements 7 or just the Wavelab 7 full version?

Not decided yet…

I think i found another (minor) issue when using psp neon.
When the neon window is behind other vst windows you normally just click somewhere in the pluginn and it gets focus but you have to click on the topbar to have focus. This only seems to happen with psp neon so far, not with other (vst3) pluginns but it has worked before.

I work with 2 screens, one 42 inch full hd (1920 x 1080) for editting and one 19 inch (1280x1024) for pluginns and meters.
Maybe this could also cause the issues that i described before with not saving/remembering the settings but to be honest, that has to be fixed in WL anyway.

FYI: it’s not just the psp neon but also with for example the sonalksis pluggins.