8.0.10 is here

So, we now have a working metronome, and other things… \0/

Great, now all we need is a C8 Pro demo, any news on that please?

Nice. I’m downloading it now. I was looking for a list of fixes in this update but couldn’t find one. My big deal is the Metronome. That alone is gold! :slight_smile:

I’m thrilled about this:

“Fixed an issue with ASIO peaks when using audio drivers from RME”

Hopefully this will solve my issue with constant ASIO spikes rendering my system unusable. I’ve spent hours trying to track down the issue thinking it was something with my system, and all along it was likely a known bug. Oh well, at least I learned a few things through all the troubleshooting.

Can’t wait to get this installed tonight and see if this indeed solves my problems! :mrgreen:

I made an image backup just in case, but the update is fine here, so far.

Welcome fixes and nothing new is broken that I have found.

I’m impressed they were able to fix so much in a build dated Jan 22!

It bodes well for the next update, which should address more of the issues found by the larger install base (including, hopefully, the confirmed z-order bug I found).

Please do let us know, I’ve got my eye on an RME card and will be very interested to see if it solved it for you.

Good luck.


regarding 22 Jan build: A “build” needs some time to go through the Q&A department. Different OS needs to be checked (Mac/PC) and different Cubase versions (Pro/Artist).



8.0.10 working perfectly for me so far!

Quite a lot has been addressed in this update, and i’m happy the metronome has been repaired, I didn’t suffer a lot of problems that others had. I spent on hour or two today after the update with no issues to report yet. I think well done on the .10 so far.


Given the breadth and scope of the application, Steinberg appears to have a fairly compressed and speedy QA process, too.

That’s both good and bad.

Another interesting observation, on that note…

There’s a very high profile bug (inability to select plugins from chooser) confirmed by Steinberg on Dec 10 2014.

As it’s quite embarrassing, severe, and 100% reproducible, it would get top priority, but was not included in this update for the obvious reason of the holidays and whatever else was in the pipeline between Dec 10 and Jan 22.

The point being there is quite an (understandable) time lag in these updates. They’re really about 3 to 6 months behind where we, the users on forums, are.

I think it should help set the expectations of these releases (lowering them).

There are always so many “still not fixed” comments, but when you look at the dates of the confirmed issues, plan on at least 3 to 6 months of lag before it having any chance of showing up in an update.

I applaud Steinberg for making the Collected Issues forum public, to this end.

In regard to text editing in notepads, I don’t see any improvement, it still doesn’t work properly.
Ah I mistook BON-7776 for BON-7310 I would have thought these issues had the same basic cause.


did those ASIO Spikes go away for you with this update?

I am also an rme user, and with C8, I started having nasty, audible spikes every few minutes with projects that had been working perfectly fine in C7.

I just installed the .10 update, and during my first sessions today, the spikes seem to still be there, although a tiny bit less audible.

[EDIT: after more tweaking today, I can report that my ASIO Spikes are gone now as well with my rme Interfaces.]

Regards, Mikael

Unfortunately they have not fixed the dissapearing menu - still have to guess where the menu titles are

My real time peaks/spikes are still there. I’m using fireface 400. Didn’t help at all !

The spikes are still there, whoopee the metronome works and as for Jalcide’s comments - I see where you’re coming from but user acceptance testing takes months and must be against a known stable platform. Cubase releases will always be, by definition, 2-3 months behind the user experience.

Oh great… this hasn’t been fixed: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=231&t=75763

Did they “forget” about restoring this once properly working thing…?


Did you read the post you linked to? It was not meant to be included in 8.0.10

This highlights the point I was trying to make. The date on the confirmed issue is Feb 21 2015. The date of the build is Feb 22 2015. :laughing:

It’s not getting fixed in a day from being assigned to a developer, much less being confirmed on the public-facing forum.

This is why I think it’s good for Steinberg to continue the good practice of keeping the Collected Issues forum up to date.

Why waste valuable criticism airtime on bugs not humanly possible to fix, in such a short time, when there are so many other bugs and features that deserve the spotlight that have been outstanding for years.

We Cubase users need to pick our battles (of which items to vote for), or risk winning none of them.

I don’t trust Steinberg, alone, in these decisions. I think they’ve somewhat lost touch with what users want.

The focused, relentlessness of Bounce In Place requests is a good example of this user forum finally providing a undisputed vote for something.

I’m confident it was the forum, because the feature is missing way too many details and sub-features to have been purely Steinberg-desired (they’d have done it earlier and/or spent more time on it). They felt the heat to bring the feature into the v8 development cycle, because of us.

They do listen when something rises above the noisefloor.

Of topic…!! Whats most suprises me in this update announcement is that Helge vogt is back… I was sure he is no longer with steiny… :slight_smile:

So I’ve spent about 2 1/2 hours with it tonight and things DEFINITELY seem better regarding the ASIO spiking. There is still some strange bouncing around in the VST meter happening, but it’s far far less than it was before and I haven’t had a single ASIO spike, pop, or click all night…so yea, I can confirm that, at least for me on my system with an RME Fireface 800, the update has fixed my spiking problem! :wink:

Now back to work…and lurking… :mrgreen:

And you’re ‘laughing-out-loud’ at what exactly…? The build date on my machine for the v8.0.10 update reads JANUARY 22 2015. A month before the issue was confirmed. And, as Steve already said, he’d responded in that thread anyway - that it wouldn’t make the 8.0.10 release.