8.0.20 Do you want to enlarge the part?


This dialog is probably the most useless and annoying dialog every invented. I always click “Please don’t ask again” and continue working on the project without seeing it again. Then, as soon as I open another project (which can happen a lot of times per day when you work on multiple film cues on the same day, for example) and move an audio segment within an audio editor - bam! - this dialog is back again, asking me a question I don’t ever want to see and taking my attention off of my work for yet another 25000th time.

If you think about it, who would want to move an audio segment within the audio editor and NOT want the editor’s window’s size get automatically adjusted to accommodate the segment’s move? No one would ever want that. Then why do we have to see this dialog everytime I perform this operation when I open another project and why I have to do these absolutely unnecessary clicks within this window just to get rid of it?

Please take this window out of the Cubase’ healthy system, or at least make a setting in Preferences which would allow me to permanently set its decision to “Enlarge part” so that I can never see this dialog box again.

Thank you!!!

…Same goes for moving objects in a MIDI part. Thank you!

hahaha thanks for solidifying my EXACT thoughts I have about this dialogue 7 (!) years later. writing another issue report/feature request as we speak.