8.0.20 Drop outs from low average load

Here is the problem I noticed recently. I opened medium project with not so much plugins and tracks inside and Cubase is freaking out with average load and real time peak. It peaks to 100% every few seconds.

On the videos below you can see how it looks, and how it stops recording:



I have same problem with Cubase 8.0.20 with 8.0.10 version I have not…

I have the same problem in Cubase 8 Artist.

Here is another situation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TOttF6E6zo

Sometimes I think about finally leaving Cubase and move to Pro Tools, even if it will cost me 2 years of “getting used to”. Every update works worse every time.

Me too. This is no.4 for on my list of major workflow frustrations, here:

Seriously, what’s going on Steinberg??

Can you post your asio settings and audio card specifications and list of effects and vstis in the project? It might help to narrow this down.

I tried all settings, 32,128, 256 buffer.

I had these types of issues on and off with C8 and I’ve been able to finally get my system to run pretty solid (KNOCKING ON WOOD). This first jump in performance was when I changed the firewire driver for my sound card from “Legacy” drivers back to the normal Windows driver. Performance got better but still some random spikes. I then had to uncheck “Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” in the “Device Setup” in Cubase. That helped. Then i was having 32 bit plugin issues so I went back to using JBridge instead of Cubase for my 32 bit plugs. Now I’m rock solid again…(KNOCKING ON WOOD HARD)! Hope this helps. I know how frustrating it can be.

Thanks for the input! Unfortunately, my issue is different. I have no “Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” at all to check/uncheck on Device Setup. Also, my drivers are up to date (RME Hammerfall) and my problem was also on Focusrite Forte and Audient ID22 before. I use jBridge for my 32 bit plugins.

No changes after 8.0.30 update. Still the same problem.

How about checking the Power Options in the Control Panel and making sure it’s on “High Performance”

checked, not even a 1% difference