8.0.20 update shedule - Zoom while locating is a showstopper

How hard can it be to fix a simple switch ???
Will it take another 3 month ???
I want to use the plugin sorting !
It’s the only reason, I paid the 99,- EUR, a few month ago …

Thanks, Jan

OK, I promise I will shut up immediately, if someone will answer this !

Quickfix or business as usual ??
Weeks or months ??

Thanks, Jan

It’s working fine here. Also no problems sorting plugins. What’s happening on your end? :question:

Jan how did you know? :wink: It’s scheduled for 8.0.20, and no, I don’t know when it will be out, sorry. (Talking about the switch not working to turn off Zoom While Locating in Time Scale)

Sorry, didn’t realise you couldn’t turn it off. Just can’t understand why you would want to turn it off unless you were unco. Still find it amazing that a little thing like that can cause such angst. First “World Problems” I guess. :astonished:

Locate a position in the project with the project cursor, mouse on timeline, button held down and drag, project zooms in ok quite rapidly ok but project cursor and locate point just fly out off screen so you have to keep looking for edit point every zoom in/out is adjusted.

Project cursor and locate point should stay center screen. It’s annoying.

+1 very big problem with my workflow as well

Vid example here:


Yeah, Steve … I had to cut out some words, to meet the headline restrictions !
Glad You got it, nevertheless !
Sadly, no answer means a long wait …

And yes, there are two bugs concerning “Zoom while Locating”.
My concern is the broken On/Off switch.
I need it disabled, as that’s how I’m working for 30+ years !
I don’t have time to learn something new, only to relearn my old habits, when it’s finally fixed.

call Your GF and make her change the zoom randomly, while Your working.
You’ll understand …

The other bug ( cursor and mouse go their own way )
affects those working with “Zoom while Locating” enabled
and surely is as annoying for them.

And once again, I’m pretty clueless, how these bugs could pass QA and then get such a low priority !


I’m with you brother. This mouse zooming bug is wearing me out!!! Been using cubase since 2001 and my work flow is all about this feature. Steinberg Tech guys PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

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