8.5 Media bay Suggestion

I love the new look media bay showing loops and samples section. Its kind of like iTunes where you see the "album " from where the loop came from. Unfortunately it would appear that its only steinberg products that can be seen. Would it not be good idea if all sample “albums” from different manufactures could be seen as well? Possibly part of the problem I suppose is that loop companies don’t label there files so maybe its something the industry can introduce in the future? What say you steinberg?
NB After writing this suggestion Ive just seen this poll so Im not the only one!

Hi :slight_smile: You are absolutely right !

I created a request for being able to add third party stuff in the MediaBay Thumbs.
I also did a little video about what we want :wink:

Support here : MediaBay Thumbnails : Third Party Plugins & Samples

Nice one! I so please I’m not the only thinking the same thing. Probably have to wait for cubase 9 for it lol