[POLL] MediaBay thumbnails - add own samples & VST presets

Would you like to be able to add your own sample collections to MediaBay thumbnails?

  • Yes! This would make it so much easier to navigate in MediaBay and to find my sample collections and VST presets!
  • No.
  • I don’t think there will ever be a solution for MediaBay and I can’t see myself ever using it even with this update.

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As already suggested in Jogglers thread - make MediaBay’s thumbnails so we can add our 3rd party plugins and samples to it. Samples and VST presets in particular would be so nice to have in the mediabay via thumbnails. Easy, quick, not messy.

I know that most of the people that uses Cubase really hates mediabay and choses to not use it because it’s so messy. This feature update would probably make people use it more, as it gives easy accessability to the samples and presets.

Other than that, mediabay is a mess that I just can’t seem to like at all and won’t probably ever use it until they fix this feature.

So my question is - who else here on the forum thinks this new feature requires an update to actually be useful? Would you use MediaBay more if this was fixed? It would benefit us all to keep our samples organized with just 1 button click (with visual thumbnails too to easy find what library we’re gonna use!)

a native implementation for ZEN API would be great http://www.bigtickaudio.com/blog/1815

Looks dope! :slight_smile:


I like this idea and it would be a step in the right direction.

For me, MediaBay will never be a powerful as it could be until Steinberg allows users full control over what they see when they open it. I would like the ability to:

  1. Create containers for user favorites so when I select a container I only see the samples/loops/fx presets and instrument presets I have in that container (media could be in more than one container). These containers would be displayed on thumbnails like the current Instrument and Loops & Sample thumbnails are in 8.5.

  2. Save various MediaBay layouts as presets to make it easy to switch between configurations. For example, I would like to save different layouts for filters based on what I am searching for whether it be samples or instrument presets.

  3. Allow users to hide any categories as part of the layout preset (for example, I may not want to see any ethnic sound categories in a Electronic layout preset but I may want to include them in a Hip Hop layout. This should extend to all the other filters that I choose such as Plug-in, Sub Category, Style and so on. This would allow users to get to the sounds/presets that they want to see much more quickly.

  4. Allow users to hide specific libraries and plug-ins in the 8.5 thumbnail view. This was brought up by someone in another thread also.

  5. Add a basic folder explorer in the mini MediaBay for those who would prefer it to the standard mini MediaBay functionality.

Of course, users could customize their own layouts as much or as little as they would like. The main point is to allow users more flexibility to set things up the way they would like instead of trying to force a one size fits all layout.