823 Page User Mnnual - Now that's what I'm talkin' bout!

Just downloaded the new v8 archive and took a look into the Documentation folder…823 glorious pages…

After the debacle of documentation in v7 - this feels like a brand new day!


after all …
… well done …
… thank you !!! :smiley:


That’s more like it!

It might now be time to upgrade.

Sounds promising, though page count alone doesn’t say that much. Are the pages in a normal printable size, like ‘Letter’ or ‘A4’, or did they stick to the size of the print version that is no longer a print version? I’m about to find out myself shortly: the download is in, all I need now is time and no projects that don’t allow for interruption…

I can’t find where to download the manual or is it only available after purchase? Thanks

Are the pages in a normal printable size, like ‘Letter’ or ‘A4’

Yes, just tried out: it prints comfortably in A4.


Hi Philippe,

will this manual be available in a printed book form at one time?

This would be much appreciated.


It may be me, but I don’t see any pdf in the documentation directory (let alone the number of pages from within WL), just a Wavelab-8.qch file… Is there any way I can open this outside Wavelab for reference?

Dang–I installed the progam and didn’t realize all of the documentation would be in one of the folders. Any chance that manual is available online for download? I’d like to read it at lunch and I don’t have access to my computer at home where the document folder is.

… or at least an option to purchase it seperately, for example the manual for Vegas Pro (~700 pages) is available via Lulu.

Hmm…the PDF is sitting right there in the Documentation directory in my installer folders (After I decompressed the actual archive that I downloaded).

Just grab a copy and read it anywhere?



we’re not going to print the manual due to the environmental impacts.

Thanks for your understanding.

Quite right too!

OK, but Steinberg don’t have to print it … if it were to be published on the net, there would at least be the option for the relatively small number of people who need a printed manual to obtain one, and the environmental impact of that would be a lot less than home printing.

By the way, I don’t buy the “environmental impact” argument … what’s the environmental impact of manufacturing all the iPADs on which the PDFs are being read?

I think the environmental impact argument might be that a door stop of a manual is an entity unto itself where an iPad or Kindle can store/access thousands of books.

I wrote, “…don’t have access to my computer at home where the document folder is.”

I assume when you say “read it at lunch” - you mean on another computer?

Just get a flash drive or a “cloud” location (Skydrive) and copy it to either. Then copy it to you work machine when you get there. Done.


Right. Thanks Bruce, it is indeed in the (temporary) installation directory. Just started a fake installation on my netbook and grabbed it from there. Strange though that it is not copied to the final install location - or reachable from within Wavelab 8 itself.

And, indeed it looks like the good old Wavelab manuals we were used to again! Thank you Steinberg for listening to many of us after the abominal WL7 ‘manual’. And even in A4 format, great!

Now THAT is a really good idea.


It’s not reachable in Wavelab? What’s the point of a manual if one cannot get to it?