9.0.20 GUI even more sluggish!!!

Are you serious Steinberg?
This update is even lamer than the last one when it comes to Cubase 9 being extremely sluggish when there’s a bunch of audio tracks in the session. ‘Show event details’ in the preferences has always been unchecked here. Makes zero difference. This is so lame, especially since Steinberg is aware of how bad Cubase 9 GUI performs compared to other DAWS and they haven’t done anything about it. It probably involves a lot of re-programming and they don’t wanna get into it.
Time to jump ship?

I had no crashes so far. But the GUI is terrible indeed.
Feels very raw.
Time to jump ship?
-I’m on the edge too

It wasn’t this bad in CB 8 but this is a joke.

Yup, jumped the ship: Reaper it is.
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Love cubase but I jumped ship to reaper. I couldn’t be happier

Win 8.1 and C 9.1 was pretty good on bootcamp. Now with the update the playhead is laggy like on the Mac side.
Too many projects and not enough focus on one product Steinberg.

I haven’t really run in to this issue yet, but I haven’t been using Cubase that long either. My question is, do you think a better graphics card could help to alleviate the problem?


  1. logic x works fine on same system. No laggy playhead. So…not hardware ( not video card issue)
  2. Cubase 8 and 9.1 work on boot partition better on Windows 8.1 than it does on Mac os ( so again same hardware…not video card issue )

What’s the SSE instruction set version of your CPU?

I have the same experience. 9.0.20 is unusable on my 2 systems (HPs Z/elite series workstation laptop and desktop with win 10)because of the glitchy slow GUI. Playhead just disappears and skips a few bars and then reappears, also transport command become unresponsive :


The video above is a light session with about 40 audio tracks, CPU meter at around 10-15%.

My other software runs without any problems, also 9.0.10 ran better (not great) but cannot use it because audiowarp is glitchy. Yet after almost 6 months since it was released its still unusable. V9 is a real nightmare.

better graphic card will not solve this issue, Since cubase, as far as I know, doesn’t support GPU acceleration

I was asking about SSE instructions so while a GPU may or may not make any difference, SSE instructions will.

No it wont- I have FirePro/Quadro cards and it still glitches.

all about GUI and GPU update u can read here - https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=115038
there alot of info about bad GUI code.

Cubase didn’t use GPU

I think problem in your side, because i never see glitches like that on my spec.
maybe smthg wrong with your hdd ?

I also didnt have such severe glitches before 9.0.20.(gui wasnt fast but somehow tolerable) I doubt its hd because it does the same on 2 systems.

Also i recreated the same project in S1(via save all tracks) and runs smooth as butter.

Im moving back to 8.5.2 and ill stay there. v9 so far is a complete miss for me.

this really strange, because in my system,i didn’t see any difference between 9.0.10 & 9.0.20.
Also i update my windows 10 to Creators update (1703) and nothing is changed, no crashes or glitches or bad performance. no difference.

Yes this isn’t a graphic card issue,there is no GUI GPU Acceleration,because it’s bad for real-time audio.
It can give Asio spikes. Hopefully Steinberg will fix this soon.

Maybe its also what kind of projects are we dealing with. I noticed (from comments here) that those who deal mainly with MIDI dont see any (or less)problems with the GUI. I deal mostly with recorded multitrack audio (editing drums,…).
For me things are increasingly becoming more and more sluggish since v7.5- with every version the GUI feels more slow/glitchy, even i tried all the preference/reinstall possibilities every time.

Holly sh*t! i can confirm that bug too! to addition, if i increase intensity of audio tracks picture, GUI just Freezes. but with audio everything ok.

I just open up my mixing project, where is only audio tracks (around 112 tracks, + groups, fx…) and go this problem also!

Yep same here the audio portion doesnt have any problems, but the graphicsi crumble completely.

The main problem is that we will again be waiting a long time before this gets adressed, and Im really getting sick of this, because i spend more time troubleshooting than actually doing any work. :imp: