9.5 - Issues. I'll start the ball rolling...

OK, so these are to be expected. Perhaps be good to start a list.

  1. Names of plug-ins are messed up:

  1. Loading projects from 9.x inverts pre/post send settings on all channels. So all pre-fader sends are re-assigned to post, and vice versa. Impossible to work on previous projects. Back to 9.0 it is, then. Pfffft. This is particularly worrying, since once this gets fixed, how will it affect project started in 9.5?

I’ve literally spent 2 minutes in 9.5 and spotted these. I really don’t know who’s beta testing this program.

  1. The centered E has been caught before.
  2. This is the new way it is.

Remember, many issues like 1) are already caught and will be dealt with when maintenance hits. No worries.

Could people please keep an ear out for zipper noise when adjusting and removing plugins in 64 bit processing precision mode
Its very subtle but Im occasionally hearing something in 64 bit that Im not in 32 bit



Loading projects from 9.0 inverts pre/post send setting. How ridiculous for this to sneak through.

Anyone seeing a flickering set of bars near the dividing sections of the right zone. Seems to happen if you try to click while the mouse is moving.

I believe it’s just the colors that are reversed.

No, I’ve just loaded a project I was working on and can confirm the setting is reversed. The colour also changes, but the icon remains as expected.

my bug is with the chord track, when I use the “chord track” color scheme for midi…any notes are red (out of the scale) even when in scale, with any minor scale (nat. or harm. or melo.)
when I set the scale to major, only the out of scale notes are red, others are blue.

any one else?

C8.5 Pro projects into C9.5 convert correctly regarding pre/post inserts. ie. Prefade above green line, exactly as expected not inverted.

Non technically: Pull down fader to -60db and observe that meter activity in plugs above green line is unchanged.

Known issue, wait for maintenance.

ok thanks… were did you see its a “know issues”?

I was/am on the beta team for this release.

ok cool; so lets wait for the fix (i do rely a lot on the colors when moving notes around…and kinda always find myself to use minor scales. I will use the major relative as a fix)

It couldn’t have released this early otherwise, which is cool right? But yes, please be patient before worrying that issues are left unfixed.

My sends are loading fine.

The colors DO look different - which might lead you to think they are loading incorrectly.
But if you right click you can verify - by the resulting "Move to Post/Pre . . " dialog that they are correct.


Samething here. First thing that I checked was this. The color is inverted (Green for post and Blue for Pre) but it’s working ok. It’s just the colors!

After re-loading the same project, the setting is working as expected (albeit colours inverted), but I’m 100% certain when I checked before the setting had also been inverted because my mix was washed out in reverb because the post sends had been swapped to pre.

Confirmed, this is a known issue. [Edit: I found the conversation on the beta forum, my original post is quoted below, I’ll only leave the “beta-discussion” for clarity]

Hi Guys,

please let me explain why we changed it.
In former versions there was no color indication at all for post inserts.
Due to the change in the insert area we used the opportunity to make color indication for post/pre sends and post/pre inserts consistent.
So therefore we changed the pre sends to blue (like it is and was for inserts) and the post sends and post inserts to turquoise.

If you like, you could change the color scheme for pre and post in the color preferences.

Follow-up question: can the background tinting be adjusted?

Reply: No…but we could consider this as a bug.

Thanks for that. Thought I was going crazy for a moment!

MIDI modifier is still not remembering the key of the scale when reloading. Also duplicating a track with these settings (scale and key) the new copy is defaulting back to C even though it shows the intended key.

ie: set scale to Lydian D, then reload the song, it will play back as Lydian C. Same if you duplicate a track with the same settings. In both cases the intended settings display correctly (it shows Lydian D even though it’s playing C.)