9.5 ping/ delay compensation is broken when in 64 bit mode

I just read the thread you linked to…

How do I put this…I do not think they, or you apparently you, understand how this feature is supposed to work.
(Unless they have an additional ADAT/SPDIF converter or something hooked up which they are not referencing to)

Please see and read my explanation of how this is supposed to work and this might clarify some things for you.

Whoever reported that Cubase knows about the bug and said it isnt important I believe was a mis-communication.

Specifically in the thread they say:
‘’’’’’’’’’’’’‘4. Cubase reports ALWAYS reports 0ms, which I know must be incorrect.’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’

This is not a true statement if they are using an interface which is correctly reporting round-trip latency to Cubase.

to put it bluntly, external hardware compensation does not work when C9.5 is set to 64bit processing mode. It is broken.


Can confirm in Cubase 9.5 that 64 bit Ping does not work for me either (if I add latency plugins to my Apollo DSP input channel).
32 bit works fine and can adjust.

Thank you for confirming this.

FIxed and works perfect with CB 9.5.20.

Thanks to all who help make Steinberg aware of this bug. Good Job Steinberg!

thanks evertone.

9.5.20 fixed the issue

But this thread is about delay compensation. You are in the wrong place.

delay compensation on external hardware has nothing to do with storage.

Haha I get that JM, I’m saying I rolled back to 9 because of the not well thought out feature of Direct Offline Processing… So I can’t take advantage of the fixed Delay Compensation because of the still broken Direct Offline Processing.