9.5 to 10.5 audio input issue


I’m quite embarrassed asking this but I’m really scratching my head…

I’ve upgraded from 9.5.50 to 10.5.12 and having a really weird issue with not being able to get sound from the microphone into Cubase 10.5

For example if I start with the basic Piano + Vocal template and match the audio settings (MOTU 828mk3) for output and input. 10.5 will happily output any MIDI or pre-existing audio file but doesn’t want to receive any audio signal in. Identical settings in Audio Connections with 9.5 and all fine.

Can’t understand it and so I wonder if anyone else has come across this or can suggest some really obvious thing I’ve overlooked!

Best wishes,


Mac OS 10.14.6

ps is it also possible to copy across the look of 9.5 (colours, background etc.)?

You dear Mac people - why not use search or knowledgebase? Plenty come across this and get the same answer again and again here…

Yeah - I knew the answer would be embarrassing!

Worked though - thanks, svennilenni.

You ˋre welcome.