9 X 12 size paper in print layout

Hi –

In Layouts, I can select 9X12 paper size, but when I got to print, that size is not listed among the defaults. It seems like best practice to specify the 9X12 in both places, but I can’t figure out how.


Does your printer support 9x12? If not, it won’t appear in the list in Print mode. The good news is that if you’re exporting to PDF the only size that Dorico cares about is the one set in Layout Options.

I see…yes, I’m exporting to PDFs and sending to professional printers.

I’m a brand new Dorico user who has been using other notation programs since the early 1990s. I do a lot of orchestral work that needs parts in either 9x12 or 10x13 inch paper size. I have set custom paper sizes of 9x12 and 10x13 in my print driver. I can select them from Page Setup in any application, but they don’t show in the Page Setup dropdown in the Print mode on the right-hand side. I’ve seen several posts that say something about your printer has to be able to “recognize” 9x12 or 10x13 before it will show in that dropdown. I’m not sure I understand, since I can select those sizes from every other app I use. Is there something different I need to do to get those paper sizes to be recognized by Dorico? I can print through the System Dialogs “Print…” button on the left-hand side, but that’s a bit of a pain to go through all the extra steps. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Welcome to the forum, Brian. Unfortunately Dorico can’t “see” the custom paper sizes you’ve defined for your printer, because the Qt application framework we’re using doesn’t have access to the macOS printer data. However, there’s a change in the forthcoming Dorico 2.2.10 update, which will be available soon, that should provide some amelioration for this problem, so please hold fire and hopefully in a few days you’ll have a solution.

Awesome, thank you!

Has this issue been resolved? I’m attempting to print to a custom paper size that I’ve defined for my printer - but the page setup popup doesn’t show any of them. I’m using version

Any chance you can circumvent this by exporting the PDF and opening it in preview and printing from there?

if I select the graphics tab, it exports it centered on US Letter.

My custom size is 7" wide by 5.25" tall. I’m working on some pepband charts. I wish to save these to this size for importing into a 2-up page layout app.

Using the lower left print (then save as PDF) box produces an incorrect size - Dorico reduces the page to fit within the printable area of the selected page size - not the actual page size. FWIW… I consider this a bug (or programing mistake). This behavior means that the printout will be a different size on every different printer this page could be printed (or exported) on. No two printer manufacturers have the exact same non-printable areas on their devices…

If you’re exporting via the Graphics tab, Dorico uses whatever page size is defined in Layout Options. The page size you’ve defined for your printer is entirely irrelevant. This is by design.

Yes - that is correct.

My issue is that only the default page sizes show up in that “right side” page size popup. Hence the issue… no custom sizes are available in this popup. So regardless of the part layout size, everything exported must be exported to only one of the default sizes - sizes that are based on the currently selected printer (Mac OS).

Daniel indicated (in a reply above dated 2/3/19) that in version 2.2.1 there would be “some amelioration” of this issue - we are on version 2.2.2xxx, yet I can’t seem to discover what he might have been referring to.

Do you mean “exported”, or do you mean “printed”? If you really do mean “exported”, the sizes in the right panel of print mode are actually greyed out because they’re not relevant.


The exported PDF page size will always be the page size selected in the printer tab of the right side controls. My issue is that this page setup popup only contains the default sizes for the printer currently selected. It doesn’t include any custom sizes one might create within the printer driver (Confirmed by Daniel above…). There must still be no way to export a custom page size of 7" x 5.25". So, my layout size of 7" x 5.25" is simply centered in which ever size is currently selected in the right panel printer tab.

Clue me in if there is a way to create a 7" x 5.25" PDF from a 7" x 5.25" part layout via the “graphics” tab of the right side printing panel…

I’m assuming that this ability is simply not available… yet…

I think you are getting confused between the MacOS printer options and the Dorico export options.

Don’t use the Mac “print to PDF” option which is screwing up your page sizes. At the top of the right hand panel select Graphics, not Printer, then PDF as the graphics format. That will create a PDF with the same size as the page size in Setup Mode / Layout Options.

This is MacOS being “too helpful” - on Windows there isn’t a built-in “print to PDF” option at all, so there is nothing to get confused about.

Rob - thanks for your info… I’m not using the lower left print functions - only the right side print/graphic functions.

Based on searches in this forum, I’m not the first person to inquire about printing or exporting custom sizes. Unless a number of forum users are all making the same errors, there appears to be no way (Mac OS) to print/export to a custom page size. Only the default sizes that appear in the page setup popup on the right side - which are linked to the default page sizes of the printer selected in the printer selection popup.

Based on the attention to detail from the Dorico team to date - I’m confident this will be addressed at some point. Until then, I’m left with exporting a 7"x5.25" layout to US Letter and using Adobe Acrobat to batch crop them down to the desired page size. Not ideal… but truthfully, if I had done this project in either of the other two apps, I’d still be formatting the parts or entering notes/expressions.

I guess this must be a Mac-only problem. On Windows, it works the way I described - the PDF is the same size as the Dorico page size.

Set your custom page size in Layout Options, then use the graphics tab within page mode. It works here, on Mac and Windows…

Here are my layout settings:

Here is the result in the graphics export tab in “Print” mode (you said “Page” mode??)

When I click export in lower right corner - the page looks exactly like the Print Preview. My page is centered in the middle of a US Letter page.


If the PDF export (not Dorico’s preview) really does look like the screenshot, then the obvious answer is that you’ve set Layout Options > Page Setup > Page Size for a different layout than the one you’ve exported.

The other thing is that there’s definitely been a change between Dorico 1.2 and Dorico 2.2.20 in the way that this works. I can’t check the differences between the various flavours of Dorico 2, but if Help > About Dorico shows something other than Dorico 2.2.20, you should update.