A/B tracks with single button

Is there a way to a/b tracks with one button? In other words, have 2 tracks selected and have one mute and the other unmute with a single press. I know I used to do this in version 8 but I either forgot how or it has changed in 9.5.

Yeah, press the solo button in the muted track, it will toggle between mute and solo.

Ahh, but there is no way to A/b within a mix. Maybe I was never able to do that and was remembering the method you described. Thanks.

Mute one of the tracks.
Select both tracks.
Pressing the ‘M’’ key will now toggle between the two tracks (as long ass you don’t have Q-Link enabled).

Use the control room and create a number of Cue busses - one for each reference track.

Pull in you reference tracks in to the project. Hit Direct Routing in on each of the new tracks in the inspector, and disable the stereo out by pressing once on ‘stereo out’. Doing it this way gets over a bug in cubase where it doesnt always let you select ‘no buss’.

Assign each reference track to a different cue send.

Then in the control mixer (cmd - alt and r) you can just switch between your mix and the reference tracks - and the reference tracks aren’t going through the stereo out so they are un affected by mastering plugs.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 12.15.27.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 12.15.40.png

PS sorry misread question. Might be useful anyway.

This is the right answer!

LOVE you!!!