A Better Windows to Front Design - PLEASE

Unless I am missing something, here . .

“Project to Front”, does not work consistently as with most any macros or KCs in cubendo for years -
FlakesVille" to say the least.

I am forever clicking to get focus back and when we have a mixer open, i am un able to predict the way a mixer will show/ hide channels. Call me dumb or old fashioned, but give me an "SHOW BUTTON & “HIDE BUTTON” . . too, Not just a State toggle. . .

Until this long time “Issues” is resolved can we in the mean time, Have a “WINDOW FOCUS LOCK” Button PLEASE . So we dont loose KCs Commands when project is not in front . . this is Driving me to drink . .The only way i can use my system is setting up Midi Controller buttons, and using Generic Controller to fire KCs, and bring windows to front, at least Midi stays connected in the back ground .

Any Thoughts or other work arounds . . Please thank you? Cheers

My instinct was to reach for a macro to overcome this but unfortunately the key commands do not match the functions in the mixer. For example, there is no command in the Key Commands which matches the function ‘Set target channels to Can Hide’.

Personally I prefer the use of midi hardware for this type of thing. I’m a big fan of getting my hands off the keyboard and mouse when at all possible. I’ve been running into some issues using a new layout, I didn’t even know about the project to front command haha I’m going to play with that now.

Here’s a sequence of commands that might be helpful for your show/hide issues… This sequence assumes that your mixer window is closed and that it is already in a hide state. Adjust as you like :slight_smile:


Whoops got that wrong. It would seem that the key command named ‘Channels: Can Hide: Set’ does the same as ‘Set target channels to Can Hide’. (I wish they’d name the commands the same as the buttons). Thus, the following macro would hide the currently selected track(s) :

Mixer - Command Target: Selected Only
Mixer - Channels: Can Hide: Reset All
Mixer - Channels: Can Hide: Set
Mixer - Hide: Can Hide

This can be used to toggle the currently selected channels on and off.