A brief show and tell of Cubase 8......

About 4 years ago I bought a CamCorder with loads of plans to do some hobbyist video work with it and Cubase, after which it promptly got temporarily shelved… as one does! Anyway, I bought Sony Movie Studio Platinum about 3 days ago and it must be the most fun I’ve had from spending 50 quid in a long time. I’m already thinking of upgrading to Vegas Pro, lol!

Still got loads to learn but looking forward to it with relish now. Any one else doing audio visuals with Cubase? Tips, ideas… any-thing-at-all, welcome. Feel free to point out errors.

What do you know?

Cheers :ugeek:

No one else into making videos with Cubase? I’m surprised but not to worry… :unamused:

I can see myself making a videos for every tune from now on but I’m already out of ideas, lol!

Good tutorial, but do you know that most DAW tutorials on Youtube would be recorded with screen recording software, right? Seems like it might be wise to sell the camera and just have the computer record the screen. Camtasia is a very popular choice… https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html …hope you keep enjoying yourself anyway! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think I probably will :wink:

Yeah I know tutorials are mostly done with screen capture software but what I was hoping to achieve with that video was more of a “show and tell” for like minds. A sort of glimpse at work flow methods and wot-not’. And also get my head around Vegas Movie Studio Platinum since I’ve barely scratched the surface yet. I’m rather taken with the idea of audio and video at the moment. Seemed like an interesting topic for discussion I thought… but maybe not.

I’ll be taking the CamCorder to the Glastonbury festival in June so I’ve got a few weeks to become an expert video maker :laughing:

Thanks for the reply :wink:

No no.
I like to see a human every now and then . . .
Do a simultaneous Video AND screen capture.

Then, use Vegas Studio Platinum (which IS amazing for the cost - as is Vegas Pro) to edit into a very nice presentation.


Hello Phil,

Which camcorder did you buy/use please? And does it have an Audio-In? Or did you just use the built-in condensor-mic to pick up the audio?

So you have two monitors and you were just panning between each one periodically throughout the song?

I started a thread on Camcorders/Software last year if you wanted to take a quick look:


In the end, I did not purchase a camcorder because finding one(s) with an Audio-In all seem to be extortionately priced! But I have managed to secure CANTASIA-8 at EDUCATIONAL price so I intend to purchase this software quite soon. The guys at TechSmith really are most helpful indeed. (Though obviously you are quite happy with your Sony Vegas! :slight_smile: ).

I did experiment with the VIDEO tools within CUBASE but found them too cumbersome.

So, do you intend to make similar videos for fun, or are you going to create some CUBASE tutorials in the future?




And the bundled-in SNAGIT is also a nice little program!