A Chord Pad Bug after update to v9.0.20

Before I update to v9.0.20, when I right click on a X Chord Pad. there shows the menu include ‘Use X as Origin for Chord Assistant’.

For Example, When I right click on the G7 Chord Pad. the menu show me ‘Use G7 as Origin for Chord Assistant’.

But after I update to v9.0.20. When I right click on the C or F Chord Pad. menu shows me ‘Use B# as Origin for Chord Assistant’ or ‘Use E# as Origin for Chord Assistant’.

Yes, C equals to B# and F is same as E#.

But C is C and B# is B#…

This bug happened after I’ve updated Cubase from v9.0.10 to v9.0.20.

In this post Martin.Jirsak says he is reporting this as a bug…

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Other have posted about this as well. It’s a real stone in my shoe. :frowning:

The last update said the enharmonics had been improved but they were better, if imperfect, before the update. The Chord assistant also shows cadences and common tones as, for example, D Min, G7, B# and so on. The Preferences settings for Enharmonics have no effect I can find to correct this, nor does any settings for Root Key, Origin.

This should be quickly patched if possible.