A little ticked off

Just received my c6 upgrade and during installation it automatcally installs Halion Sonic SE. I already own the full version and have it installed so why would I ever want SE installed? I should have been given a menu option to decline.


you “can” choose what should be installed during the installation proces


Ty for your response Chris. I did not see any options like that available in my English installation process.

Hello James,

you also have this option with the English installation process. Be sure that you use the Start Center for the installation, or the “Setup” file in the Cubase for Windows installation folder.



Look here for the screenshots in English:

you can just press the cancel button when it starts installing stuff you don’t want…it’ll go to straight to the next thing…

I suppose I might have missed the customize button on the left hand side of the welcome. I sure did not see it though.
On with the show!

I missed it first time round to.
I really expected a box to pop up as part of the installation process and ask whether I would like to customise Cubase or not, but easy to deal with once you know what to look for.

So now I have the SE versions showing when I open my Full version of HS.

To remedy this situation do I need to uninstall all of C6?

The SE version contains some new sounds. Seems pointless to decline installing it unless hard drive space is a problem.

Ahhhh :bulb: I see now that by my overlooking the options menu I now have a greater palett to work with. I thought that the SE version was a simple duplicate of what I already had however it is complimentary to the full version.
Great stuff Steinberg! :slight_smile: