A neat way to add more visual difference between channels

I wonder why this idea has never come on my mind before.

Use special characters window (on Windows: Win+R > charmap) to add some symbols \ pictograms to the track name.

I am not a big fan of using colors for every track because I don’t like when my project looks like Ara parrot.

And I’ve discovered that using some chars helps me a lot to find the right track with eyes in project view and Mixer.

In the project view some characters looks even more distinct than track pictures.


Would the Track Pictures work the same way for you?

OP, I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about here? Do you mean using extended ASCII characters in Track Names? I have seen that done in PT sessions in demonstrations on youtube. I think extended ASCII can be used in Track Names or Part Names, but I’ve never tried it.

Martin, do you know if any vendors offering libraries of track pictures? The stock set is fine, but I’d like more images and don’t really have the time or skills to create good ones. Any suggestions?


I’m not aware of it. But you can use any pictures you want to. So you can buy any set of pictures from stock-photographers (or icon makers) you want to.

I saw a thread in the last few months (sorry can’t be more specific) where there was at least one & maybe several links to packages of track pics. They looked pretty nice too.

I’ll look into that. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ll search more for it. Thanks.

Although this is a side-topic, this annoys me with devices like the Behringer X-Touch that has colour scribble strips - why an earth don’t they read a colour in for those hardware strips by using extended characters at the start of each track names?

And yes, i use extended characters sometimes - mainly if i’m working with someone and i need them to do some work on tracks, i use them to highlight the tracks.

Here it is

While I like the idea, and correct me if I’m wrong because I’m on my last month of Windows 7, but with C10 and Windows 10, the channel names won’t even drop to a 2nd line, unlike Windows 7 correct? With Windows 10 I’m told the name simply gets chopped off?

Has this been changed in W10?

Your example even shows a 2nd line which I think is not possible…let alone your added feature request?

My wish would be for Windows 7 behavior happening in Windows 10 before considering this. It’s a nice idea, but IMO track name wrapping needs to be fixed first.