A preference setting does not stick after launching Cubase

Hello, I think I have a little issue with my Preferences (Cubase 10.5 Pro, windows). Normally, when I click (or unclick) a setting, Cubase remembers and the change(s) appears whenever I launch the application. Recently, however, I tried to change a particular setting but it does not stick. Is it my system, user error, a bug? Anyone else see the same thing? Please try this: Edit , Preferences, VST : “Mute Pre-Send when Mute” On my system, the default has this setting checked. I want to have this UN-checked so I can monitor only the FX channel without the Dry signal. Whenever I load up Cubase, I have to go into Preferences and manually change this every time. This behavior does not seem normal. Thanks! Richard

What a coincidence! :smiley:

I’ll check again, mine doesn’t do anything at the moment.

Edit: Well, now it works. At some point while playing with the Mute Pre-Sends preference, I got my “Mute Groups - Mute sources as well” to break. I closed Cubase from File>Quit, then activated “Mute Groups - Mute sources”, Applied, Ok, File>Quit. Then I launched Cubase again, toggled “Mute Pre-Sends” some times, left it unchecked, Apply, Ok, File>Quit. Now after launching Cubase it was working. I checked 2 times.

Something seems off with the way these particualar preferences are saved. :question:

The problem you describe has existed at least since version 5, unfortunately. There are still a few bugs hidden in the settings.

yep - I eventually got it listed as a bug on the SB bug list…although strictly speaking they don’t think it’s definitely a bug…it’s a long story (search this forum)

it’s pretty annoying though