"Mute pre-send when Mute" preference not saved properly (CAN-25781)

Still not fixed


This has annoyed me for years :frowning:

Mo too + 1000

Yup, it’s been a bug FOR YEARS

+1 This needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

FWIW it has a bug reference (after years of pushing!)


but really don’t think it’s ever going to be fixed - they’d rather give us some new sample sets than fix things like this (and this one really is low hanging fruit!)


Oscar from SB germany support just closed the ticket - he doesn’t understand the problem (like every other issue I have tried to raise with Oscar at Steinberg) and doesn’t think there is a problem, despite raising the bug report.

This is after telling me ‘they dont’ support Apps" !
or to try reinstalling the elicencer

so it seems this is how they treat the bug list…just close.

how frustrating

This is so frustrating… As a working habit, I have set up the preference on a key command, and flip through it when opening Cubase before every recording session.

God damn, how many times I have soloed something in the control room, only to mute everything in the drummers/musicians monitor mix/cue out… Everyone stops playing, giving the engineer (me) strange looks…


In this scenario, I want the preference set to always OFF… Re-opening Cubase makes this preference turned on again. This should definitively back on the BUG-LIST… COME ON STEINBERG!

I know !!! it’s embarrassing