A problem about mouse wheel in Cubase 12

When I use “shift” + “mouse wheel” to scroll the interface of Cubase 12 in Windows 10,the scrolling direction is opposite to that of in MacOS. When I “shift” + “Scroll down”, the interface scrolls to the left, in other words, the number of bar will decrease. Can someone please tell me how to solve it, make it the same as in the MacOS.
My English is not very good, please forgive the possible mistakes in my expression. If you need me to provide more information, please tell me directly, thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You cannot change this in Cubase. It just overtakes the system’s scroll direction. You can change it in the System Settings on Mac.

Thanks so much for your reply.
My system is Windows 10. In my computer, the left and right scrolling directions of “shift” + “scroll up/down” are opposite to other software in Cubase. When I ask people around me, they also say they have the same problem. If I change it in my system settings, the mouse wheel operation of other software on the computer will be reversed at the same time.
So why Cubase not update it and solve this problem? I think every Windows user will welcome this change, it can improve user’s work efficiency and workflow.

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Do you opposite with comparison to what, please?

As I said, you cannot change the direction in Cubase.

Thanks so much for your reply.

I only focus on the problem of “shift”+“scroll up/down” in Cubase in Windows 10.

If I reverse the mouse scroll direction in Windows system settings, “shift”+“scroll up/down” may make the Cubase screen scroll direction consistent with the normal operation logic, but the scroll operation of other software will become completely opposite, which is contrary to my original intention.

Maybe there is a problem with my English expression, but in short, I suggest that Cubase make the following changes: in Cubase of Windows system, reverse the left and right scrolling direction of the screen when the user operates “Shift+scroll Up/Down”. This is a small change, but it can improve the Windows user experience.

The following is the original Chinese version of my text. If my English expression makes you confused, you can refer to the following text to get my accurate meaning. Thank you.

我仅针对Windows系统的“shift” + “scroll Up / Down”这个操作在Cubase的问题。
如果我在Windows 系统设置中把鼠标滚动方向反转,“shift” + “scroll Up / Down”可能会使Cubase屏幕滚动方向与正常操作逻辑一致,但其他软件的滚轮操作就会变得完全相反,这就与我的初衷相悖。

也许我的英文表达存在问题,但总之我建议Cubase做出如下改变:在Windows系统的Cubase中,反转当用户操作“Shift+scroll Up/Down”时的屏幕左右滚动的方向。这是一个小改动,却能使Windows用户体验得到改善。

This is an issue that has been reported by many PC users over the years. Steinberg seems to be incapable of fixing it.

Here, for example, is a thread from 8 years ago:

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So sad. I don’t think this problem is so hard to solve.