How to inverse the direction of Shift + Mouse Wheel


First of all, English is not my native language. Please forgive me if I make any mistake.

I have purchased Cubase Pro 8 3 days ago. But I notice the horizon scroll ( left to right ) using shift + mouse wheel is on the reverse direction of other applications, just like Microsoft Office and Pro Tools.

Is there any way to inverse the direction of Shift + Mouse Wheel ?


+1 please. There’s no way to change it from within Cubase.


Additional +1. This clearly seems backwards.

Check out the free X-Mouse Button Control utility:

Among its many features, the utility allows you to reverse the mouse scroll direction (either vertically and/or horizontally) on a per application or window basis.

I prefer the Mac-style “natural scroll” feature (whereby scrolling moves in the same direction as the content onscreen and not the direction of the scroll bar itself). I use X-Mouse Button Control to enable this behavior on Windows.

Thanks Gadget Fiend for the heads up about X-Mouse Button Control.

Took me a while to get it sorted.
Just a tip for anyone else looking to get their horizontal scroll working as it should…
If you just select “invert mouse wheel” in the scrolling and navigation tab, it will invert it for EVERYTHING in Cubase (assuming you have created a profile for Cubase. This means that scrolling through menus and zooming with CTRL will all be reversed too, which is not good.

To get invert the mouse wheel just for horizontal scrolling, don’t touch the navigation tab.
Instead, go to the “Layer 2” tab and set Mouse wheel up to Wheel down and set Wheel down to wheel up.
Then, click on the “Settings” button and go to the “Modifier keys” tab.
For “Activate Layer 2”, choose “SHIFT”.
Click on “OK” and then “Apply”

That will invert the mouse wheel only when you hold SHIFT in Cubase.

Hello everyone,

the topic is old - I know. But the “shift+Mouse Wheel” direction in Cubase is just 100% counter intuitive :confused:
I use several DAWs, like Sequoia (for classical Recordings) and sometimes Pyramix, Digital Performer or ProTools. I definitely prefere Cubase for every kind of Pop/Rock or electronic music production, but why is the horizontal scolling direction opposite to all other DAWs and even to Video-Software!? Scrolling DOWN means scrolling towards the END of a document or website. It should also mean to scroll towards the END of the Cubase project… That one little checkbox in the preferences would make me very happy :wink:

I think I asked this issue at some other places a couple of times, anyways +1.

Actually, your mother company has added Vocaloid in-place editor, which follows the standard scroll direction. This mixture within Cubase makes me rather nuts :slight_smile:

Please, add an option to the horizontal scroll direction to the preference.

I’ve ‘voted’ already for this feature but as the topic has bubbled to the top again I’ll just say that this morning I was editing/scrolling and, once again, it goes the opposite way to my intuition… As explained by kvk above.


Sorrry for bringing this up again, but it seems to me like a not very complex problem for Steinberg to fix or add an option to invert, but still the problem exists. Some might argue that it’s not a problem, but some would say it is.

Can’t believe it isn’t fixed yet. But, well, ok, thanks for the X-Mouse Button Control mention. Should be better than nothing.

+1 !!!




Come on Steinberg, this is ridiculous. I can use Cubase to launch a sattelite, but I can’t change a simple mouse wheel option?


I just transfered to Cubase. What is “Layer 2 tab”?

EDIT: Nevermind, its apparently in X-Mouse program, I thought you found way in Cubase. Anyway now works for me too, thanks!



Please Cubase let us define what alt, ctr, shift +wheel do! Our brains are bleeding!!! If you produce music with cubase and use adobe software in a regular basis, you end up with a schizophrenia!


+1. Really, why isn’t this fixed?