A simple on/off for Transport: Always on Top

I don’t remember the transport getting hidden in the past unless you hit F2.
Now it gets lost all the time when editing and touching any window it’s on top of.

that’s hard to follow, and having to hit F2 to find it all the time…a waste of precious time.

A simple extra listing on right click for

Always on top √
would be very nice.

on with the motley.

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My work around is to position the transport on the screen as it’s own window not on top of anything else. A big time monitor real estate waster.

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My idea is to place it on top bar like protools or build bottom like Studio One 2. I dont need transport bar placed on faders when I open mixconsole. Just whole GUI really needs redesign. I dreaming on docked all edit windows.

I did list my work around but I agree that the Transport functions should be available on the top toolbar.


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