A visit from St. Dorico

'Twas the night before update, and all through the forum
Not a poster was stirring; what display of decorum!
The wish lists were hung on the forum with care,
In hopes that St. Dorico soon would be there.

The composers were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of new features danced in their heads;
In the hours before all of the secrets were known
Everyone dreamed of a wish of their own.

'Fore the gift is unwrapped, all things could be:
This thing or that, added for you and for me.
But St. Dorico called from the top of the steeple:
"One update cannot be all things to all people!

“I have chosen as well as I could,” the Saint said,
"And there is much to enjoy here, from A up to Z.
But if your wish is not met on this happy new morn,
Don’t act all surly, all mad, or forlorn.

“The team has worked hard as their minds would allow,
And e’en your wish not be met in the here and the now,
Know that our future efforts will not diminish,
And all wishes will be met 'fore we come to the finish.”

Saint? Don’t flatter yourself, love :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Daniel, very well done! Awesome piece of poetry!

St. Nicholas’s dates:

St. Dorico’s dates:

Hence: St. Dorico > St. Nicholas

I like it - very cute, clever, AND apropros!

Dear fellow Americans: “said” rhymes with “Z” everywhere but in our country. We also don’t understand centimeters.

Enough zed.

Also: a lovely poem, Daniel. Bravissimo.

Great little ditty! I’m impressed that it was posted at exactly midnight London time!

Do I get my wish? Do I get my wish? Do I get my wish? I’ve been a good child this year. =)

Don’t tell US how to FEEL :exclamation:


Well done!

One wonders how long Daniel spent on that . . . time well spent! (As long as it wasn’t taken out of development time!) :slight_smile:

Thanks again to the team!


That is one of the reasons I love Dorico. The amazing piece of software and all the good athmosphere that surrounds each new release, each Discover Dorico session. Thank you for this great moment :wink:

Yeah, I certainly feel like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve! :laughing:

With codas and doits in your layout
And trills and jazz fills you can play out
Your Download Assistants
Won’t give you resistance
‘Cause tonight Santa’s getting his sleigh out.

“…thanks for watching.”

Brilliant, as always … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Daniel’s the Dude.

Henceforth, let’s call him The Dorico Dude.

How nice to be able to enjoy such a fine display of culture, refinement, and quality of writing that Daniel is giving us day after day, in both prose and poetry, and what a match with the finely crafted and gracefully narrated videos of Anthony Hughes! We are privileged.

I would like to give extra props to Daniel for using perfect rhyme and consistent scansion.

(Okay, almost consistent scansion.)

Support is what makes Dorico great!