AAF import/export

There’s no “Pro” branded DAW that does not incorporate AAF import/export.
I use Pro Tools HD 12, and Logic Pro X as well.

Cubase claiming “Supports all common audio formats and standards” is false.
No one wants to use OMF anymore, and some Video NLEs stopped having the feature.

Cubase supports 5.1 surround, and not having the AAF feature is simply inexplicable.

AAF is an open format - no one pays any licenses to anybody.

Please include this feature in the future Cubase versions.
I still like the software and I don’t want to dump it.


I don’t understand why it’s exclusively available in Nuendo for such a basic feature.
We have OMF but AAF became the most used format, yes our Cubase PRO should import/export AAF.

It’s a shame that Steinberg didn’t implement that!..
Few years ago, I used to laugh at PT users when they had to purchase a 300€ tool (Digitranslator) to be able to stay open to the external world… It was a good example of the “mac” politic of Digidesign (buy people, buy!)…
Today, I have to export a session from Cub Pro 8.5 to PT10, OMF is tricky, and PT people laugh at me…
Wake up!


they want to claim to be Pro. But in the US, no Pro studio has Cubase or Nuendo. They all have Protools. It would be nice to use Cubase Pro in a professional setting.

Why should I spend over a grand for nuendo when I don’t need the post stuff?

It’s a shame there’s no AAF in Cubase Pro… But… One of my students just sent me this screenshot of Cubase Elements, after I told him Cubase Pro has no AAF import and Export function… Hope someone can explain this. :confused:

So, you guys are ok with Cubase Elements having AAF import/Export functionality and Cubase PRO don’t???

+1. I really expected that Cubase 9 had solved this problem. This is inadmissible. AAF is a standard. Nothing fancy. If you expect I would go for Nuendo in order to use it, you are acting like mobsters. We need a solution fast! We are losing time and money converting those files to OMF first just to able to open them. And guess what I use to convert them, Pro tools. So maybe one day im just gonna stay in there and finish the mix in there.

+1. Switching DAWs is never more tempting than when I have to write a client back and ask for OMF because my software can’t handle it. Makes me seem outdated.

I tried to import an OMF the other day into Logic Pro and Pro Tools, and it’s was a mess.


+1 guys

and if the screenshot posted of elements is true, how could the team forget the feature for the “pro” version :astonished:
could this be an “oops” ? :unamused:

Yes, please add that! And why not just right now?

A bit dopey, and annoying eh? Seems to me that they’ve made such an ‘exclusive feature’ out of this in the past with Neuendo (even a special forum thread for that) and concerned about locking into the pro post market; AAF is vip to them for interaction with (hopefully side grading from) Pro Tools.

In any case, perhaps well past that strategy’s used-by date – both in terms of ‘who cares now about Avid’, but more centrally in terms of Cubase ‘Pro’ 9 users. Absence of AAF puts Cubase behind all other DAWs in that space - LogicProX transfer in particular & which is a cheaper & very competitive with Cubase (& especially in the growing EDM Market). Ditto Studio Pro, Digital Performer, Reaper, Mixbus, Samplitude, etc.

Seems to me that the singular focus on Avid AFF & Nunendo is now a bit misplaced in 2017 & I for one would appreciate its inclusion on Cubase in the near future.


I had this problem the other day, had to install my “old” PT11 (which claimed to break some ilok-licenses functionality during start-up of PT, yay!), just to check some tracks that the video-editors sent me.
Right now, not including AAF only has me checking out the competition again. Way to go, Steinberg…


It’s sometimes hard enough to convince “picture” people that Cubase is an option to PT without this getting in the way.


+1 AAF. It’s actually very embarrassing asking other post production houses to send OMF because I can’t open AAF files. Totally unprofessional, although I am NOT about to upgrade to Nuendo just for AAF. Come on guys pleeeeease!


I’d love to have that feature too. Despite its numerous small and embarrassing drawbacks (and it’s always something minor but very frustrating:) ), Cubase is one of the best DAWs ever, and it keeps getting better. AAF is no big deal, I’m sure. So please, do it, Steinberg!