AAF Import Feature Requests

  1. When importing fewer than all tracks in an AAF, don’t physically import all media to the audio files folder. Description here.

  2. When an import completely fails, do not save audio files. I just tried to import a 2GB AAF into a project and the import threw multiple errors resulting in no events being placed on the timeline at all and no new tracks being created. In other words the AAF I used was wrong and useless. However, when looking at the audio files folder I notice it is now filled with all the media from that AAF. This seems unnecessary and will only lead to bloating the project folder when trying multiple AAFs.
    (of course a dialog box to offer the option of not saving the files or the option to delete them would be fine)

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I am also still baffled why, when I import an AAF, it links the files from the first channel but can’t find any of the others, in spite of the fact they are all in the exact same folder and have the correct filenames (such that hitting ‘Folder’ and pointing it at the folder relinks EVERYTHING with 0 additional complaints.)

March 2023 Bump for this feature request.

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Yeah I noticed it imports all media to the audio folder even if you just import 1 track. Odd