AAF Origin time

Can someone tell me why no audiofile source timecode metdata is imported through AAF? ProTools has always done it, why can’t nuendo? All my AAF media origin times are at zero.

It seems to be importing AAF as standard wav files not BWF, is this correct? For post production application? That’s weird - maybe I have missed something… is it a setting?

Using Nuendo 12.0.20 on WIN10 BTW

I only mention this because I was going to replace some audio edits in the AAF with higher quality from some Stems, but the lack of origin time made it impractical to easily locate the better audio inside a 45 min file. It would have been an easy thing to do if I had some source timecodes to go on.

Unfortunately it seems to be the way it is in Nuendo.

I mentioned it a while ago, and it did not seem to be a new problem then.

Audio import from AAF not as BWF

For me it feels quite unfinished.