Abbr. Instrument Names remove numbers and transposition incorrect for one instrument

For some reason, my Trumpet Transposition isn’t showing on the first page. All 3 are set to follow layout options which should be set correctly. Its working for every other transposition instrument

Secondly, is there a way to remove the 1,2 numbers of select instruments after the first page? I just want hrn, trp etc…

Usually when this happens it means one is not viewing the layout for which one has set the Layout Options.

hmm that’s what I thought but I’m viewing the layout associated with the layout options, also the Trumpet name options are the same as the horn and winds and they are all saying follow layout for showing transposition. I would imagine I would be seeing an issue with those instruments as well if it were that

I’m not at all sure if this would change the staff labels but is your score set to Transposing Layout?

Or, are the instruments, such as Trumpet, actually transposed instruments eg are they Trumpet in C by accident?

Perhaps you could attach the project? Especially if it is only happening in this one.


Are you positive you’ve chosen the right instrument in the instrument picker (I suppose a Bb trumpet)? Because there are also trumpets in C… Well, in any case, it should show up in the label, as well as in the key signature (if it’s a transposing layout).


Uhg that’s the reason why.

I always write for Trumpet in C and it used to have the Always show Transposition checked. But then yesterday I wanted to clean up the score with less ink by not having the “in C” on every page bc its not necessary

The issue is, its customary and needed to specify Trumpet “in C” for clarity on the first page. Is there no way to do this only on the first page with settings? I’d rather not have to rename the Full Name to Trumpet in C

And second question, is there a way to remove the 123 from the staff name? I’d rather it say 3 Trumpets in C on the first page then simply Trp. thereafter

I don’t think you can remove the numbers while using condensing. That is how it works…
I don’t know why the transposition doesn’t show, even if in C (as I wrote in my previous post). Maybe someone from the team could explain it — I admit I didn’t test it so I’m trusting kupo15 on this.

Why not? It only takes about 10 seconds to rename the 3 Trumpets.

For the second question, you possibly can use a section player and divisi, depending on how you want them configured. (Parts might be tough though)

Does the “in C” appear if you create a brand new player?

Was this file created in Dorico or loaded via XML or MIDI?

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Only because it seems like a workaround that could affect other things. I mean I guess I could for now and deal with unforseen issues if they arise later

The last time I saw a post years ago the only work around was to put a space after the name bc I think it auto numbers if adjacent instruments have the same name. Also groups resets the numbers so technically I could make each instrument its own group which would be silly. Surely they’ve created a preference or option by now to include numbering I would hope but maybe not

Yeah that sounds like a bad idea too, if it’ll mess with parts that’s a bigger problem than having the numbers there unfortunately

I’m not sure because I accidentally saved the trumpet settings as default and don’t know how to remove that back to factory settings. If I select Always show it shows all the time but I don’t want it all the time. Actually, I just tried it with Clarinet in C and its acting the same way.

I wonder if its an oversight to treat all C instruments without showing on the first page

No, from scratch

You might be able to do this using the Library Manager?

No, this is not the case. I just created one to be sure and it displayed as Trumpet in C.

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As @DanielMuzMurray says, using Library Manager you can compare your current file to your current defaults, another file, or to the Dorico factory defaults. It’s a powerful diagnostic tool!

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Oh that’s a really cool thing! I’m not seeing anything for the individual instrument settings though. I don’t think I changed much of anything though other than the abbrev. name

For just the first page and not afterwards? If I chose “Always show” it’ll show the C but there isn’t any “Show on first page only” option, its either Always or Never or Layout Options which has the option on splitting between first and after. I would think this would put the C on first and not but maybe it only refers to text and not transposition text (unless I’m in the wrong section)

Judging from the responses so far, I doubt you’ll get much more helpful help without uploading a file. Save a couple of pages-worth, with the Silence template applied, so that we can see your exact settings. Then we’ll all be working from the same assumptions and won’t be blind guessing.

Oh true, will do thanks! It currently has the Trumpet in C in the name

Dorico Example File.dorico (629.1 KB)

This is what I see when I open your file…

(which is what I would expect) What do you want to be different?

Switch to the full score, that is what I was working with and the screenshots I was sharing. If you are referring to the Trumpet in C, that file had the recent change where I wrote Trumpet in C in the name. We are trying to have the “in C” part without explictily writing it so you’ll have to remove the “in C” part in the name

That’s because Trumpet in C as a name is set to default for the instrument (bc I checked that tick box). So when you deleted and readded it named it as Trumpet in C. You’ll need to go into the name a name it just Trumpet

OK. I now see the problem.
Trumpet C (no key sig) works, but Trumpet C gives an anomaly in the part, but not the score.

I’m sure @dspreadbury will have an explanation.