Ability to display both sharps & flats in key editor

It gets disorienting after awhile to see the notes in flat keys displayed as sharps in the key editor. Since we can add a key signature in the chord track how about having the key editor use that info to display the note names correctly. Also it would be nice to have a button to select if notes are shown as sharps or flats when no key signature is being used.

+1 for a system that will show flats and sharps in a sensible way!

The layout is a bit odd, wrong way round, so yes fix both.



show some respect for harmonics :wink:


100% yes, we need to see flats as well. It’s the same in the score editor in the info line - it is always shown as sharps even when in flat keys - it is only on the score itself where we finally get to see flats.

It’s disconcerting to enter Bb in the info bar, for it to be replaced with A#. :angry:

Oddly it does show chord names as flats in the info line, e.g Bb7 and not A#7. Actually all of them show up as Xb7 except for F#7.

bumping this…

Could this be linked to how you enter the Project Key? [Edit: i.e. could this be made part of the solution - see later]

(But I’m just thinking - and it’s a bit late so this might turn out to half-baked - is there really a choice to be made? Does anyone actually write in A# or Gb? Aren’t we always using Bb and F#? Some context sensitivity might not go amiss, so whatever you entered you got C# Eb F# Ab Bb and the editors would reflect this with # or b showing automatically.)

The problem is it’s only sharps, no flats at all in the key editor and the drop down lists. (including the the Project Key)

This is not a problem in the Score editor of course, that has been sorted well imo.

bumping this…

I brought this up at least a year ago.

Perhaps the new London notation team will have a solution
in an up-date/grade.

Hope so.

I’ve just re-read my post from last night and it’s ambiguous. I didn’t mean the problem lay with the Project Key, I meant that they might be able to solve it in part from there. But in the cold light of day I’m no longer sure it’s such a great idea… (it was late)

Don’t worry. I’ve just gone over my life from the past few decades. It’s also ambiguous. :wink:

I know that one, I just keep taking the meds… :wink:

They gave you meds!!!???


  • 1 . good time saver too

+1. The whole “everything is a sharp” is just plain wrong - if you set the key then it should respect that. It means I make mistakes sometimes when explaining something to a class, so I can’t imagine how confusing they find it when they’re not even comfortable with key signatures etc…

C’mon guys,

We all know that notation/score users are the ‘red-headed-step children’ of Cubase.

But IMHO it is getting a lil better. (a lil.)

As of C4 I gave up completely and went over to Finale and then Sebelius.
(To be honest I used Finale before I ever heard of Cubase. 1992-3)

I tried again with C5 and hardly even touch it with C6.

I am not sure what changed (maybe me) but as of C7 I can now score in Cubase.

Nothing heavy duty yet but scoring for my choir and orch at church
can now all be done in Cubase. And it prints beautifully.

It will just get better going forward, But I still keep Sebelius at the ready.