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Hi guys

Today we had a good news about Ableton Live’s new feature called LINK… and it is for desktop apps. I am pretty sure you already know it.

Have you ever thought about having Ableton with its dedicated controller, Ableton PUSH 2 ‘linked’ with Cubase?
That would be just awesome.
Bear in mind that it doesn’t work on rewire mode. Don’t even think about ask. It simply does not work. The Ableton hardware, PUSH, doesn’t work at all having Ableton running on slave mode … and it really sucks. o.O
I certainly can guarantee you that “link” would fix it?
Basically I am a long term Cubase user and I just started using Ableton with PUSH . I actually ended up buying Ableton Live and PUSH 2 due university’s home work and absence of Cubase at its premises. To be honest Ableton is a decent software but not as good as Cubase :sunglasses: . I am quite happy the way Ableton works for electronic music production though. I can see myself progressing in a very effective way but I don’t want give up on Cubase potential. I am really into Steinberg softwares .
So my question is, would ever Cubase “LINK” with Ableton in future updates?
I would be extremely happy having Cubase linked with Ableton and be able to use the full features of PUSH 2 hardware. I am sure lots of other producers using Ableton + PUSH would be interesting to know the same answer.

Look after us. Ableton Live and PUSH users.


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what is your favorite advantage of Ableton, which Cubase not has. (except the clip launching) :wink:

exactly that

Clip launching and PUSH 2 hardware features.

I can just not believing that nobody are using Cubase and Ableton nowadays. This new Ableton’s feature LINK is a must for apps connection. It would definitely get people jamming between DAWS and increase togetherness.

We are music. Let’s stick together.


^i´m absolutly in your opinion. i had Cubase ever first but bought Live recently. Ableton Link is a feature, which i would wish to be as an industrial standard. like before 20 years the VST-innovation from Steinberg itself, and see how it gone around…

yes LINK please please please so we can do: Cubasis 2.0 (for loops and grooves) to sync with Ableton Live (performance) on laptops

thanks : )

Remember: Ableton doesn’t have any IOS apps. So … if the Steinberg Marketing dept gets creative (and smart): they can promote Cubasis 2.0 (IOS app) to all the Ableton Live users as a Win-Win with LINK integration.

I think Steinberg marketing dept needs to get ‘creative’ and go after all the Ableton User sites, classes, instructors on the possibilities of Cubasis synced with Ableton laptop DAW. Most Ableton type users can’t afford Cubase (desktop DAW) after they already purchased Ableton and Push, but they can (and will want) Cubasis for many good reasons (such as recording IOS music apps into Cubasis and then playing Cubasis in sync with Ableton laptop DAW for performance). Once they see how cool Cubasis is, then one day, they might be able to see / understand where Cubase’s DAW strengths come in. Thus, a Bottom Up (Cubasis on IOS) approach versus Top Down (Cubase DAW on desktops / laptops) marketing approach. Yes, Pros and Studios love Cubase DAW, but the young kids are in ‘Ableton Land’. Start with Cubasis and LINK (promoted to the Ableton kids) I say.

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Absolutely NEEDED! I really wanted to see this in Cubasis 2…but still…annoying sync problems. PLEASE intergrate ableton link ASAP!!!

Hi All, I have the same opinion, now we must have the possibility to sync IOS App like Korg Gadget and other with other iPad app and mac sequencers like Cubase. Do you know if it’s some application can make that actualy like perharps Apollo Remote ?

I finally took the plunge to see what all the fuss was about with Ableton, and yeah, it certainly takes the idea of the DAW as a musical instrument way, way farther than I would have dreamed possible from my experience with Cubase. However, I personally don’t have much use for the session view and all the, well, “live” features. Plus, while it’s of course possible to create complete productions from scratch using the arrangement view in Ableton, there are hundreds of little things that make it ill-suited for such a task compared to Cubase. For example, the MIDI editing capability alone is orders of magnitude more powerful in Cubase. You can’t even cut notes in half in the Ableton piano roll!

Nonetheless, the Ableton factory effects and instruments, and the way they are organized into device chains, are a joy to use in a way that’s difficult to explain unless you’ve tried them for yourself. I know Cubase is starting to incorporate views similar to Ableton device chains, and that is a very good thing. For the time being though, my ideal system would be a Rewire-like setup with Cubase as the master, with MIDI and audio routed to Ableton running as the slave, and then audio collected back in Cubase. This is of course not possible with Rewire, because audio can only travel from the slave to the master in Rewire 2. So, I don’t really have any need for Link, but I wish there was some kind of Rewire 3 that accommodates fully bi-directional audio and MIDI.

I would absolutely love some off way of linking Ableton and Cubase. I have been using Cubase for over 12 years and recently I have teamed up with 2 friends who are both Ableton users. I personally am not a huge fan of Ableton but I do love the Push 2. In our scenario being able to jam with both Cubase and Ableton would be amazing…

I’ve tried it with Reason, Live and Maschine together. I was imagining more of a VST System Link experience, in some ways it’s better, some worse. The waiting for next bar took some getting used to. Very stable. Far out to be able to set tempo from any of the 3 apps.

I think it is very useful.

Cubase’s piano roll kills Live’s. Live’s launchpad thing is unequaled. Maschine browses and beats. Have it all.


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Every now and then a new innovation comes that advances music production in ways the benefit both consumers and companies in great ways. VST was one of those. Ableton Link is another.

I hope Steinberg takes this serious. I hope every DAW maker, iOS app maker or any music related developer takes this serious. It’s incredible powerful and will help people collaborate without boundaries, it’s truly next level.

++ for Ableton LINK!!
I`ve been buying every Cubase Upgrade for Years twice (Dongle Protection…). Although for me the last Upgrades were not groundbreaking…
But for that feature I would really not regret to have spend my Money!
I keep on hoping that Steinberg will hear us and fullfill our dreams to make us happy!

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Agreed. I’d like to see this in Cubase and Nuendo

Yes please LINK!!!
Tried Rewire and MTC etc lots of slippage on start and not very tight sync hopefully this would improve all of that.
Being able to write with 2 complete different approached would help with creative writing.

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omg over five years of waiting…

Cubase is great for writing midi and composing arrangements, but it’s really bad at things that Live excels like using the drum rack.

Now that ReWire is dead, Cubase needs a way to interface with the outside world and I think Ableton Link is probably the best choice (unless Steinberg created a new protocol).


Please Ableton Link with Cubase 12


Yes, PLEASE!!! We really want Cubase 12 and Push 2 together!