Ableton’s fx are immediately displayed when selecting a track,are there any shortcuts in opening an insert fx in cubase?

What I like about ableton is that when you click on a channel you instantly have all the effects displayed at the bottom. In cubase you have to:

  1. Click on the inspector
  2. Click on the insert tab
  3. Click on the plugin
  4. Usually resize and move the plugin to an appropriate part of the screen.

That’s four clicks every - single - time you want to dive Into the effects section of a track.

I hope this is something that is addressed soon as it slows down your work flow massively.

In the meanwhile, is there a shortcut to achieving this via any method I haven’t thought of yet ?


If you would keep the Channel Settings Window open, you would see the list of all Inserts immediately. Also the same track type would keep the same tab opened in the Inspector. So if you don’t hide the Inspector, you would see the list of the plug-ins immediately in the Inspector for the same track type (for example switching from Audio track to Audio track).

Thanks. Sure I always have the inspector open, however I have to open other tabs like sends, routing etc and so inevitably every time a click on a new track the inserts tab is display not open.

Is there a setting or short cut key to say have all the plugins on a selected channel open up,


You can assign a Key Command to the Inspector > Toggle Inserts Section.

If you mean to show the GUI of all plug-ins, no, there is not.

On the inspector ‘setup’ you can set certain elements to ‘pin’ automatically, probably doesn’t help. But may be worth a try? Sadly, you can’t set this for instruments for some reason(!?)

Thread discussing it here:-

Also, i’m sure you can Ctrl+Click any of the inspector groups and they stay open?

Don’t forget the mixer view at the bottom dock too, you can set that to show the inserts using the icons on the left. You can link to track controls too if you want to be able to adjust up to 8 parameters across all plugins.

I use the mixer view far more for quickly getting to my inserts.

not a key command but it opens and close all inserts of a track in one go

shift+alt+click on “e” icon on track header /inspector/mixer/channel setting will open all inserts of selected track
alt+end will close all

Using Keyboard maestro on Mac you Shift option click the the E button in the inspector to open all at once. Auto hot key on windows is very capable as well. Kilohearts snap heap is also good for getting an Ableton vibe in other daws.

Pin. Awesome. Totally forgot about this. Very helpful points. Thanks

Cool thanks


And check this one:
A real time saver. My default setup.

I tried this for a while but what I don’t like is having to click into the inspector and the project separately every time you move from one to the other, in order to make it active before you can do anything. It feels slower and a slight annoyance that’s not worth it for me. If yiu didn’t have to do all that extra clicking yea it would be a great timesaver.


On the left side of the screen, there is no Inspector on the original post. There is MixConsole (probably MixConsole 2 or MixConsole 3 to don’t mess up the main one).

Then you can use Macros to switch focus to the MixConsole and call the function you want to (for example Show all Insert slots), etc. No mouse-clicking, only one key stroke.

Nice idea, @drdrdrdr, thank you for sharing.

Yeah sorry I meant mix console not inspector. I’ll have a play around with this I just don’t think it will work for me. I have used up all my keyboard for macros. And I don’t like using more than one key combination f I can help it but I’ll see. Thanks