Absolute 5 System requirements eLicenser or Steinberg Licensing

I do need to order Absolute 5 for a customer. He is also going to purchase Cubase Pro 12 from me. Now I expect Cubase Pro 12 to be delivered with no eLicenser due to the new Steinberg Licensing. But how about Absolute 5? Does my customer need to invest extra money because there is no eLicenser delivered with Cubase Pro 12, but he still needs one for Absolute 5?
In the System Requirements for Absolute 5 I do not read anything about a needed eLicenser. So what is it?

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Absolute 5 uses the SeL. No dongle needed.



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Question for both products is about the boxed versions by the way.
I’d like to receive an answer for my question by a Steinberg employee as ‘official’ answer. It is out of the question to travel to my customer and conclude afterward that we can’t get Absolute 5 to work on elicenser software on his new laptop with Cubase 12 working on de Licensing software.

Boxed? I think they must be virtual boxes though… as far as I’ve seen, there is nothing but a sheet of paper with a download code, no actual disk etc…

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It is an ‘end-user’ of me. I give Cubase courses for over 22 years now and deliver my customers a nice product. In this case a retail boxed version of Cubase and Absolute (yes, with only a download code in it) for the right experience.

Boxed versions can still be bought at Steinberg/Yamaha retailers.

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If they are only using it on one computer than the boxed Absolute collection will run fine as it can run as SeL (Software e-licenser). However, SeL products have to be re-activated manually when you wish to use them on a different machine. (it’s a pain!).

So, if they plan on using Absolute across multiple machines I would recommend getting a USB e-licenser dongle to go with it. Well, I’m sure you know all about that already! :slight_smile:

Sadly, we don’t know at this point when or if Absolute 5 will transfer to the new Steinberg licensing. There’s most likely a new version of HALion (7) coming as we’ve seen screenshots of it’s icon.

But, just don’t know if that will be added to Absolute 5 or if they will release Absolute 6 earlier than expected. I would love for some clarity on what Steinberg plan to do for existing/new Absolute 5 users but there’s just no information being offered out.


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