Absolute VSTi Collection DL+

Hi guys,

I have searched the forums about my specific issue, but didn’t find any solution. I have also written an email to info@steinberg.de, but haven’t received any answer (mail sent 22/10).

I bought the Absolute VSTi Collection+ mostly because it included HALion Sonic 2 after using the grace period offer (eLicenser) which led to the download of the file “HALionSonic_2_Update_Installer_win.exe”.

I just installed a fresh Win7 x64 OS and wanted to get things right from the start, so this is my installed order;

  1. Cubase 7 installer win
  2. Absolute VSTi Collection+
  3. HalionSonic_2_update_installer_win

All of the above was installed in that order, all bought online, no DVD’s.

It all shows up in Cubase and works about right, but certain patches in HALion Sonic 2 gives me the “missing audio, check installation” box which is pretty frustrating.

Do some of the sounds come from the old Halion Sonic and I miss certain sounds?
Shouldn’t all patches work as long as they show in Halion Sonic 2?

The “Halion City” preset loads automatically. When I try to load i.e the “12 string acoustic” at the top of the preset list, I get the error “some audio files are missing, please check installation”.
This goes on for many of the presets, while others work properly.

I tried to rescan the drive/s using the Mediabay, waited for all red folders to disappear, still no luck.

I can also mention that I went from Cubase 5 (DVD’s) to Cubase 7 (bought the DL version).

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you need the content from HALion Sonic (version 1).
It would have been included with the trials on the discs with C6 or C7.
Obviously, you never got them because you downloaded it.
There is a thread or two where others were missing the disks and Support was able to get them a link.

I have the same problem ,contacted support but no reply as yet,how can I get the iso for halion one in order to get the missing content

Unless you know someone who has the discs, you will have to be patient for support. Hopefully, they won’t take long. It seems like they usually respond in one or two business days but that may depend on which country you are in.

thanks for the reply jaslan,still not heard from support, however Steinberg have put all the trial versions up for special offer so I just downloaded the halion 2 trial and all is now working,and since I paid for the absolute vst collection it should now be permanent licsense

Support will probably send you a link to the iso files which you can then burn to a blank DVD and install from there. Fixed my problem.

I wonder how long I will have to wait to get a reply from Steinberg support - three days and counting…pretty rubbish really, and contrasts nicely with Rob Papen support who answered my email within 15 minutes on Saturday morning… :sunglasses:)

I’m in the same boat as I need the Halion Sonic trial DVD to get the all presets to work in Sonic 2. Guess I could look at PBay for an ISO :smiling_imp: ?

Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Our support team is working hard to answer all of the support requests as fast as possible.

You can download the HALion Sonic 2 DVDs here:


Thanks Matthias. I’m still getting the missing audio file error message when I try to load some content which is labelled as “Halion Sonic factory content” . e.g “12 string auto strum”[guitar]. Can you confirm that this preset should load correctly ?
By the way, I am getting the same issues on OSX and Windows 8.1

I have also the same problem…I am just now downloading the dvd:s above to see it it will fix it.

Maybe this helps you out :


Can you make a torrent. I’m getting download errors everytime

Well Im getting the same errors… I happen to still have my discs labled

HALion Sonic SE Content
HALION SONIC Trail Version 1/2
HALION SONIC Trail Version 2/2

Which of these discs contain the content that i need to fix this issue. And how do i proceed. Am i suppose to run the installations some type of way? or Do i just copy over some files? . Please help.