Acciaccaturas to staccato notes

For some reason I’m getting playback issues with notes preceded by grace notes. In the thread below, the problem seems to be related to the metronome marking and/or the duration of the main note:

But now I’m finding, in another part of the score, that an acciaccatura makes the main note play back as though it didn’t have a staccato marking unless I remove the slur, which won’t do. A figure like this:
Screenshot 04-15-2022 11.52.01
is so common that I must have used it hundreds of times already in Dorico, and I can’t recall playback problems before, so I’m at a loss to pin down why this is happening now. Is it a NotePerformer issue since the release of Dorico 4, maybe?
I’m attaching the score (still only a sketch) in case it helps. The problem is in the woodwind at bars 53-56.
Ceffyl y Sêr.dorico (1.2 MB)

If you want to keep the slurs for the sake of appearance and not because of some perceived difference in playback, then one way to get the main notes to play back staccato would be to select the slurs and set the Suppress playback property for them. If the slurs turn gray, go to View>Note And Rest Colors and uncheck Suppressed Playback.

An excellent idea. Thank you.