Activating Cubase 7.5


I’ve installed 7.5 after downloading it. I’m trying to register it but it will not accept the Activation Code I received with my Order Confirmation email. I select ‘Add Software’ to my e-Licencer, type in the Activation Code, hit Continue and get the message ‘Activation Code invalid or unused. Have you activated your product yet?’

Isn’t that what I’m trying to do?

Not sure how this is meant to work. Please help.

Latest eLCC installed?

USB-eLicenser plugged in and recognized?

After entering your activation code in the eLCC, everything should sync with your MySteinberg account. An internet connection is required for this process …

You are entering the code in the eLCC application? It sounds like maybe you are trying to do it through MySteinberg.

I select ‘Add Software’ to my e-Licencer, type in the Activation Code

I think Scab is right and you are attempting to register this online rather than in the elicencer control centre which is a program on your computer.
It should have installed with Cubase but download from the link to make sure you have latest version and run it, then you will clearly see a button titled “Enter Activation Code”

Thanks guys. You’re right, I was trying to do it from within the application.

Next issue - I downloaded and installed the latest eLCC, and entered the activation code, but after that I can’t select my e-Licencer and I get the message ’ Currently, there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect an USB-eLicenser, which holds an appropriate upgradable license, to your computer’.

I definately have the USB-eLicencer attached, and believe I’ve it got the latest licence installed, so not sure what the problem is.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Did you buy an “upgrade” license? If so, did you buy the correct “upgrade”?

Do you have an earlier version of Cubase running on this computer?
If yes then your elicencer must be working and have a licence on it.

So in that case when you open elicencer control centre is your elicencer (dongle) shown?

What licences (if any) does it show as being currently on the elicencer

Hi arddenny,

you have registered two USB-eLicensers in MySteinberg. Maybe you have connected the wrong Dongle to your computer when entering the activation code. You should plug the oldest USB-eLicenser to your computer or, in doubt, plug both of them and enter the code again.


Thanks very much.

I do have 2 dongles. I connected the older one and the code was accepted.


Hi. I am very much in the same boat here. I have tried all of the above suggestions but am still getting the same message saying ‘licence not upgradeable, etc’ . I too tried connect older dongle.

Hi folks,
Yes it happened to me too. I got my original dongle from SX1 and the licence loaded to that. One small problem though - I cannot use my previous version of Cubase (SX2) any more. It seems that the new 7.5 licence has overwritten the SX2 one. It’s not a big problem because I am shortly retiring the PC that SX2 is on for a better one (it’s being built at the moment). 7.5 is, however up and running on my laptop.

Does anyone know if the licences can be transferred to the new dongles. After all my old dongle is about 12 years old - do they last well?



Jeff, you can open SX2 (or SX3, 4, 5, 6, 6.5…) with your 7.5 license

And yes, it is possible to transfer licenses between dongles. Plug both keys and then you can drag and drop licenses using elicenser application.

Thanks Makumbaria,

I shall look into transferring the licences to the new dongle.

No luck with SX though. It would seem that the original sx licence has been wiped and the box that comes up only gives the new licence number which isn’t accepted. SX then exits after a few seconds. I was only going to use it for a couple of weeks until the new machine comes so it’s no big deal. It would have been handy to still have it though.

Best wishes

Ahh. After transferring licences to the new dongle all is now working.

Thanks folks


great news!

I’ve been having a similar problem, and would like any advice also.

I recently purchased the (download) “upgrade” from Cubase 5 to the latest 7.5.

My plan is to now move over to my macbook pro letting the old PC with cubase 5 on it keep running until i finish the current project.

I realized i’d need another dongle, to put the elicense on, so have purchase one now… but i also can’t activate my new code !

I now suspect a few things:
I can’t have an “upgrade” version on a different machine ?
I need to have purchased the “Full” version to do that ??

or is it possible to do as i hoped…that is to ween across between to machines…essentially I am upgrading… but wanted a small crossover time…

I have the old dongle still in the PC at my studio, so i could grab that and try the mentioned method of “dragging anf dropping” the elicense…?
The one thing i can’t risk, is then having Cubase 5 on my old PC not working… as i am in the middle of a big project…

any help much appreciated…

1 USB-eLicenser = 1 Cubase license.

You didn’t need to purchase another USB-eLicenser (dongle).

You need to have your USB-eLicenser containing the Cubase 5 license plugged in and recognized by the eLCC app in order for the “Upgrade to Cubase 7.5” License to take it’s place. The 7.5 licensed dongle will allow you to still operate Cubase 5, no problem there. You just can’t use one license across two USB-eLicensers. You need to physically move the dongle which contains your new 7.5 license from one machine to the other.

In other words, your upgraded 5 -> 7.5 dongle will still let you run 5. You just can’t run both at at the same time on two different machines.

Ok… So I think that is good news? Like I don’t need to purchase the full version if I only need to run one version at a time ? Cool…

So have I messed up, buy putting the e-license code that came with my 7.5 on a new usb ?
Or can I still put that onto my old usb with the Cubase 5 e-license on it ?

It will be fine if I just have to use the same usb e-license for each machine, just as long as I can still open Cubase 5 on the old PC…

Now I am somewhat confused. Are you saying that you somehow managed to get the downloaded “Upgrade” license onto your new, empty USB e-Licenser … and you still have a valid Cubase 5 license on your old one?

I don’t see how that is possible unless you purchased a “full” version which came with it’s own USB-eLicenser, instead of an upgrade from Cubase 5.

One way or another, you can definitely run Cubase 5 from a USB-eLicenser containing a 7.5 license. Just swap the dongle back and forth, depending on which machine/Cubase version you would like to use at the time.

To make matters more confusing, you can even have both 5 and 7.5 installed on the same computer. They will run as independent applications.

Ah cool…

I think on my new usb dongle I have the upgrade elicense, but it won’t activate… So basically… I can’t open up 7.5 on my MacBook withe. The new USB dongle… But if I can just swap the old dongle back and forth that’s fine… So thank you for clearing that up… Will head into studio today and grab the old usb… And see how I go.

Ok, used the old dongle and everything is working fine on the new machine now, with Cubase 7.5 running fine… But WOW a lot of changes since Cubase 5… Looks like a lot of re learning for me !