Activation code for Dorico SE

I’d love an SE activation too please! Tried that webpage yesterday with no luck!

Check your private inbox.

I did the same manipulation with the website but I dont receive any email… Can I get an activation code too?

Welcome to the forum, @jvilnis123. I’ll send you an activation code by private message.

Hey, I’m also after the activation code. I have already installed it but no email has come.

Just to be clear - I’ve previously installed Dorico 3.5 for a trial version of elements. Now that it’s expired it’s asking me for an activation code.

Sorry, @MartinJohn123, are you looking for a Dorico SE activation code, or something else? Drop me a private message (click on my name to bring up the little user profile pop-up, then click the blue Message button) to let me know what you need, and I’ll send it to you.

Hi, I’ve installed Dorico SE a year ago, now I switched to a new computer, I want to install Dorico SE 3.5 but can’t receive activation code email.

Try following the software reactivation workflow, which should provide you with a new activation code, but if that doesn’t work, let me know.

Hello. I am having the same issues regarding activation email from Dorico SE. The email won’t come through in neither inbox or spam.
" You’re almost done. Check your email account (also the spam folder) now. Look for an email from Steinberg with an activation code and a download link. Follow the instructions to get started.

Could you provide me with an activation code?

Welcome to the forum, Damoc. I’ll send you the code you need via private message.

Hello, I have tried reactivating my dorico SE licence on my new computer, but it says that the current activation code is already in use.
Could you please provide me a new activation code

Hey there, I’m having an issue downgrading to SE. I’ve had the activation email sent, I’ve checked the spam folder with no luck…

Hi, I am suddenly unable to access my Dorico SE and when I ask for an activation code to go to my email, it doesn’t come. Have checked that email is correct.
Could you send me a code that will work, too? Help!

Also, I just now deleted my whole account hoping to re-download - does that mean I don’t have access to my music even if I do get a new activation code? Thank you - just trying to access stuff I’ve already composed. I do have the projects saved on my hard drive but can’t open them since I can’t get into Dorico.

Welcome to the forum, @AngelA1. I’ll send you a new Dorico SE activation code to get you back up and running.

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I’ve been trying for ages to get Dorico 3.5 SE authorized. Was not sent an activation code. Can you send me one please? Thanks, Mark

Hi @dspreadbury , may I ask for an SE activation code (for v4), too? I have not received it via email (perhaps there’s a glitch for users who got an activation code for Dorico 3/3.5 years ago?)

I’ve sent you one via private message, Szymon.