Activation Manager doesn't detect my license nor does the newest elicenser

In Windows 11 version 22H2 Steinberg Activation Manager for Cubase 12 pro version 12.0.52 doesn’t detect the newest elicenser Control Center, however it is visible in Self-Service.

Both the eLicenser & the Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM) only show products that require a license. Neither of them is actually licensed itself. Older Products/Versions use the old eLicense system while newer releases use the SAM. But the SAM doesn’t list the eLicense because the eLicense has no license to activate.

I don’t think you are following what I mean. I’m running the latest Windows 11 version 22H2 with Cubase 12 pro version 12.0.52 with eLicenser control version for my licensed plugins that haven’t been migrated to Activation Manager to date. These were the steps I’ve taken:

  1. When launching Cubase 12 Pro a pop-up error message is received in the startup window as follows: “No valid License found. The program will quit now.”
  2. I login to the Steinberg Self-Service app to confirm my active license.
  3. I launch Activation Manager and the message is received in the startup window as follows: “Loading, please wait…” the app then closes within 25 seconds.
  4. I check the properties of Activation Manager and check the settings for “Run as administrator” and security “Allow” for the proper users.
  5. I then restart to launch Cubase with the same results.
  6. I also launched the latest eLicenser Control version prior to February 14th with this result: When lunched it stays greyed out as it appears to stall. So, I installed an older version

I hope I cleared up any misunderstandings.

Do not do this (elevating permissions to Admin), it will prevent things from working. The apps that talk to each other must have the same permissions level.

This issue only involves the Activation Manager and its backgound process, SteinbergLicenseEngine

You can kill the above mentioned process (click here for image)

or restart the computer – rebooting is pretty fast these days (if your OS is on an ssd.)

Thanks, still no success. I don’t understand why I have to 1) use an old eLicenser and, 2) Activation Manager stalls; then shuts down (no matter the version). Thanks again for your help.