Activation using multiple accounts (SAM)

Hello guys!

Is there any possibility to activate licenses from multiple accounts on one PC/Mac?

I have one business account (with Dorico license) and one personal account (with Cubase license), and I need to activate both licenses on my Mac at once. Because right now, I need to logout in Steinberg Activation Manager (which automatically deactivates the other license) and re-login again everytime I want to use one of these programs… Which really sucks, because I can’t use both programs at the same time…

I’ve tried to use Offline Activation, but it didn’t work…

Is there any solution for it?

Thank you.

Anyone have any idea, how to achieve this?

SAM does not support multiple accounts at once.

You can use the Resale Wizard to request that one of the licences is transferred to the other account so that both licences are on the same account.

That’s exactly what I can’t do, because one of accounts is my personal, one is business (owned by company I work for), and both are EDU licenses, which can’t be transferred…

Is there any chance it will support multiple accounts in the future? Or it would be enough for me, if the license won’t automatically deactivate, when I sign off…


I have the same problem here, the company i work for provides me the use of a Nuendo License, which works fine, but then I can’t use my license of Spectralayers Pro 9 which is on my personal account. This is very annoying. Is there any way that both my licenses could be available at the same time?



Following! Exact same for me as thomas_martin

It would have worked with the previous dongle system.
Maybe they’ll have to make that an option in the future.

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By the way, EDU licenses are for students and educators, not for commercial enterprises.

This is pretty annoying. I’m dealing with the same problem; can’t use work licenses on desktop machine at home at same time as personal licenses with the new system. Hope Steinberg will address this and provide a solution.

Not sure if that helps in this case, but Steinberg just released a Beta for Multiuser environments

Interesting. I’m not sure that helps, but it looks like it’s closer to a solution than anything else we’ve found so far.

That’s very useful, when you have all licenses on one computer and you need to activate those licenses on other computers and make them accessible for all users, but there is no option to use multiple SAM accounts (Steinberg IDs) and “merge” those licenses to 1 computer…

The company I’m talking about is Music School, not commercial enterprise, so it’s correct to have EDU license…

I’m having the exact same problem. Nuendo from the Company and a personal Wavelab Elements License. As long as I have the old Wavelab 11.1 installed, it runs with the dongle. But now I have the problem that Wavelab doesn’t play anymore with my RME Fireface. And apparently the update to 11.2 should fix this. But I don’t want to migrate the dongle-license because of that problem.
Please, Steinberg, fix this. There’s nothing illegal going on here. I can’t justify the purchase of another license just because of that.
If it is such a big problem to allow two Steinberg IDs running at the same time, would it be possible to “lend” a license to another Steinberg ID for as long as the owner wants it? So the owner of the license stays in control of who is using it.

Hi @Audio-Alex

Maybe it’s worth a try to downgrade your RME drivers?

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Thanks @Croissant! That’s good to know. I’ll look into that.
But if Steinberg doesn’t address this issue I surely won’t buy any upgrades of WL in the future. At least for as long as I work for that company :wink: