Add as Preference: Make "TRACK LOCK" button prevent recording

Hi, at first I thought this was a bug… but now I think this just needs to be a MUST as a feature request.

When I’m working with alot of audio tracks, some end up off screen. As such, I may accidentally have left “armed” a track on which I did alot of comping/editing. Then I record a new audio track, but unknowingly record on the new selected track AND the old one where I did all the work.

So I click the LOCK button to prevent this from happening once I’m done my work on a track… but it does NOT work! What good is the LOCK button if it still allows recording onto the track, which is fundamentally the biggest change one can make to the data, and a quick way to accidentally lose hours of work.

So please Steinberg, make the LOCK button on the track actually LOCK the ability to record on it.

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The Lock button prevents form the unwanted editing, like moving, changing size, etc.

Yes my friend, I’m aware of that.
But what bigger unwanted editing than accidentally recording over a track because it’s off screen.
I’m asking Steinberg to make the LOCK button more complete in its purpose.

What does this mean? How is it that you cannot see the track header, with the Record Arm button?

How about using the preference, Enable Record on Selected Audio Track (or MIDI Track)?

Off-screen meaning that I have alot of tracks on my monitor and can’t fit them all so at the time of recording the track that was accidentally written over was not visible, hence why I failed to notice the big red armed for recording button.

I was under the impression that such a preference as you mention was in fact enabled. I must have disabled it at some point for some reason.

Nevertheless, I don’t see why the LOCK button cannot be upgraded to provide fuller protection of the track that is not being worked on.

Because it would break the workflow for many users. Better to follow the existing method, which works.

I fail to see how adding functionality takes away anything from current workflows.

My solution is to use this Project Logical Editor preset (see below) and assign it to a key command (and also then to a push button on my remote). IIFRC there’s no single key command to do every type of track like this PLE preset does. I can then disarm all tracks easily when I suspect that armed tracks may be scrolled off screen.

But, I hear what you’re saying. Include it in the lock. Hmm, it’d work for me as I do similar to you when I’m done with editing a track.

I’d like to see a Deactivate All Arm States next to the Deactivate buttons for Solo and Mute (in the State buttons panel on the project window toolbar). This could then glow red when one or more tracks are armed - giving us visible info on arming and also a button to deactivate all arm states. We have one for Write automation, and that’s akin to arming a track for record. Perhaps I should raise a feature request for this ideas???

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I’m curious to know why the preference Enable record on selected (Audio or MIDI) tracks isn’t suitable?

Perhaps someone Locked the Track to prevent the Record button from being disabled - they want to ensure that the Track is always recording. The Lock exists to prevent settings from being modified. If you Lock a Track with a setting that you don’t want to be Locked, Cubase can’t really sort that out for you - it can’t read your mind.

Why do you think the software should solve YOUR problems?
And by the way, it’s non-destructive.

I don’t understand the collective negativity towards this feature-request. Why shouldn’t a locked track be protected from any changes to it and its content whatsoever? Of course, that would also mean one would not be able to move events on that track anymore. But then… if you want to protect parts or events you can lock them individually.

I also don’t understand why somebody needs to justify using manual arm record for tracks.

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Lock only controls Settings. Freezing does what you’re suggesting.

Freezing does a little bit more on non-MIDI tracks. That is not necessary desirable.
It’s just a FR on the forum, it doesn’t get implemented anyway.

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The main purpose of Lock is to prevent accidentally changing any settings on a Track. But if the behavior was changed as requested then Lock would only apply to some settings but not others. I think that’s a bad change to make.

If I understand the OP correctly he’d like to have the current “lock track” + “don’t allow overwriting of events”.
Do you guys overwrite your locked events often on purpose?

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While waiting for such a feature expansion you can, of course, always just delete the unwanted recorded events. Just make sure you don’t the replace option in audio recording mode:

Jesus. Not very friendly. I’ll skip over that and focus on more helpful answers from the community.

If record is not armed on that track, it doesn’t get armed by accident. So it can’t get overwritten.
But if record is armed, it records new events and if replace (from your screenshot) is activated all older events will get overwritten.
So it’s a combination of settings. But lock button behavior, is the wrong place to change.

I still wonder how many people (replace-)record events on a locked track? Or asked in slighlty different words: How many people would even notice if this FR got implemented?

Just an additional info: If you lock an audio event individually rather than the entire track, you cannot replace-record it. It will just remain there and the new recording is put on top. This kind of protection is not availabe with “track lock”.

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