Add edit to recording while recording without starting & stopping

I haven’t found an answer to this despite extensive searching, and can’t believe Cubase would have this oversight!

When recording, and there is a slip I need to remember for later, is there a command I can use to add an edit to the recording, without having to press stop recording / start recording?

The result would be a new take without any gap between. This is easily doable on audacity, protools and logic so can’t believe there isn’t a command on cubase!


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You can insert a Marker.

Hi thanks for the reply

However, I don’t want to add a marker, but start a new file without stopping and starting recording again



You don’t mean the Re-Record feature, right?

What is the use case? Why do you need a new file while keeping the old one, please?


I don’t want to re-record,

The use is in recording a podcast. I want the file to be split to speed up the editing process - in edting I can easily find all the cuts and edit from there.
Markers don’t make cuts so aren’t as efficient.

It’s the equivalent of hitting ** [record record] but I don’t want any gaps - I’m often simul recording remotely and I don’t want it to get out of sync later on


Thank you for explaining the use case.

What about to make a Macro of 2 Record Enable presses? One would disable and second would enable the record of the given track? Would there be a gap? Or a Macro of pressing the Record button twice.

I’m not aware of a direct feature like this in Cubase.

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Sounds like you’re using these cuts as markers, so why not use markers?
I often drop markers when recording to highlight points of interest.

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Because markers don’t make cuts, and there will be cuts at these points, so it saves time if they’re pre-cut already!

Thanks for your answers

Can’t believe Cubase doesn’t have this!

You could (I think without checking) create a Project Logical Editor to Split the Audio at the Markers.

You’re never going to get it to create a new file without the Transport stopping at least for a few moments to create the new file.

If you are adamant about not using Markers (which seems like the easiest approach to me) then Martin’s suggestion is worth a try, make sure the cursor isn’t set to return to the start upon stopping playback.

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I am curious to try this. What’s the command called in Audacity?

Edit: Is this a well-hidden command? I’m familiar with Audacity, but could not find this in the menus, including the Extras menu.
The obvious command would be Split, which is greyed out during recording.

This Macro can do the basic task but not reliably. I think it’s a timing thing and some ‘pauses’ should be added to slow it down. If I execute these 2 commands manually (aka slow human speed) it always works.

screenshot helps



Then there would be a gap among the sounds.

Actually it’s not easily doable on Audacity after all - I was going by another podcaster I know who said this is what he did, but it was actually a start-stop after all!

That’s what I thought. I imagine it’s not possible in any daw, because realtime functions cannot allow for such things.

Martin’s suggestion is a good solution here, it will be the smallest possible gap, but as the experienced professionals in this topic have pointed out, markers are for this exact purpose.

I think there might always be a gap of some length. But at what point can it be heard? I’d guess there would be a bit more slack for spoken word than music.

it’s definitely possible in Logic - I used to use the / key to make a splice at the cursor point during recording when I worked in a studio with Logic

What’s the name of the command that / invokes? According to the Logic docs it’s a command called Replace, which sounds like not splice

I’m afraid I don’t know - the owner of the studio set it, I just used to hit it when it was needed!

most likely something like “split at playhead”