Adding a flow

I battled a while ago with Dorico to learn some basics and now i do have a simple piano project of 3 staves in 4/4
There should be a flows panel in the Help of Dorico ?

This help of dorico without a picture is not handy and tricky because there is a small triangle at the bottom what first must be opened in order to show the flow panel

When it will be clear by the developers of Dorico that starting with Dorico is a userunfriendly affair ?

You have to be in setup mode (Ctrl/Cmd 1); You can open(and close…) the bottom panel by pressing Ctrl/Cmd 8. You can add a flow by clicking the plus icon, or by shift F.

Dan Kreider has made a “Beginner’s Guide to Dorico”, which is a great help for beginners.

Good Luck !

I do need only a piano layout with one player then and it has 3 staves (4/4 time ) of each of 4 bar (measures) length
So the answer for this is easy to get ?

If you want to set fixed casting off, so that every system in your piano layout has 4 bars, you can do that using these steps.

I’m sorry you had difficulty finding the Flows panel - there are 3 ways you can hide/show it, one of which is clicking the little arrow at the bottom. (I will be adding a small inline screenshot of that arrow to the 2nd bullet point entry on that page in the near future.)

I don’t want to go to far with this layout setup options for now, because i get lost in it
Is there a easy way to made a piano layout for a number of staves in 4/4 time each 4 bar long ?

You can do it manually by inserting system breaks after every 4th bar, or once you’ve input all the music you might find adjusting the note spacing settings does this automatically (although you did say you’d rather not get into layout options right now - they’re very handy though!).

Got a 4 bar piano stave already and in the write mode changed the barline in a not ending

Now i must add 2 staves herunder ( definition system ?) by using a system brake probably in the setup mode

Yes, handy to know the layout options, but before you can use that you must made a big study of Dorico’s working.
Is there no also a piano template to get ? the piano template starts also with one bar :smile:

I think i spend now almost 1 1/2 hour to try to setup a easy piano layout …
Luckily i know now more about how to do the noteinput from earlier battling with Dorico program

If you mean you want 12 bars of music played from start to end, but displayed across 3 lines on the page, that’s “3 systems”. If you want 4 bars of music played from start to end but with 3 simultaneous ‘melodies’, those are “3 staves”. Funnily enough, this came up not so long ago so I added a definition of system to the glossary - only available in English at the moment but this will be translated very soon.

You don’t need to change the barline at the end of the 4 bars if the music should continue - just add 8 more bars, then add the system breaks (if you have Dorico Pro, you do this in Engrave mode, as described in the steps I sent - here also in German).

It becomes more clear now…
Need for now only a simple piano score.
In the search field for the word “system” i did not get a answer ?
I am using Dorico Elements ( no engraving here ?)

The word “system” gets used a lot in other places, so yes at the moment the glossary entry isn’t on the first page of results - I’ll take a look at bumping that up.

Yes in Dorico Elements there’s no Engrave mode, so you insert system breaks in Write mode instead.

I am Dutchmen , so the German help is no use for me.
It seems that there is no help focussed only for Dorico Elements users ?
This makes it all problematic …
How to use Dorico Elements for making Piano scores now, could be tutorial serie what can be standing on its own.

Apologies, I saw “herunder” and made an assumption! No we provide separate manuals for Pro, Elements, and SE - the link in my previous post was to the Elements version of the manual (you can see “dorico_elements” in the url)

Yes, i see the link, but it is for a German help version or not ?
(can translate to Dutch automatically, but not advisable…)
Prefer the Englisch version then.

Seems that i am not capable of adding system breaks yet ( i do have now 12 bars ) .

Just where i am looking for the English version… for getting the system breaks.
Lillie was thinking that i was from Germany , but that is a neighbour country
I am from Holland - Amsterdam

I start with 12 bars and select a note of item? for inserting a system break ?
The stave is empty for 12 bars: i select the last vertical bar (name?) divider of measure 4 two times and get 3 staves

  • the original stave 1 named : Keyboard - 4 bars ( was first 12 bars )
  • the second stave named: Kbd and is not lined up vertical the same as stave 1, but has the same bar length
  • the third stave also named Kbd is also not lined up, and has not the same bar length too : much smaller

Now there is also in purple a sytem break message on both staves
Well don’t have not yet the right layout …

Yes, you can select barlines (they’re a type of item - “item” just means “anything selectable in the music”), but select the barline at the end of bar 4. Purple signposts indicate where the system breaks exist. You can select and delete them, or just move them using the Alt-arrow keys in Write mode.

The second system’s barlines are a bit offset compared to the first because by default, the first system shows “full” staff labels but the 2nd system onwards shows “short”, so the available width is larger on the 2nd system onwards. You can change this if you like.

The last system will be short because by default, Dorico doesn’t justify the last system in flows to the full width of the page unless they’re pretty full.

Here’s a quick project that does what you need - you can have a play with it to see how it works.

piano_layout.dorico (356.5 KB)

Thanks Lillie
Got now the wanted layout (still only correcting the staff labels )
Should be helpful if for piano players there is a easy template
setup. ( a piano mode )
There is much you can do with Dorico , but is goes step by step
I will look too at your piano-layout !

When you first open Dorico, the hub appears. If you click on the Solo tab you’ll find a Solo piano template. This won’t show instrument names by default.

Dorico does wear some of its differences on its sleeve, though: for instance, two of the big competitors start each project in 4/4 by default (whether that time signature is actually visible or not), whereas Dorico starts each project with no time signature. Without a time signature Dorico can’t know where to put barlines, so it can’t give you a nicely formatted page of 12 or 16 bars straight away.

Dorico is really different in many ways (impression) i think then his competitors.
Well, if you are using Dorico for making piano scores
Therefore could be made a dedicated help section.

  • Making a piano template score (4/4)

Its also a good start for further composing with Dorico