Adding mf to flute 2

Why can’t I add a dynamic to only the second flute part? I don’t want the rests in flute 1 and oboe 1 mf, just flute two! Each time I try to add it, the mf shows up in the other parts. What am I doing wrong?

Cudos on Dorico 4. I am finishing a wind ensemble piece and my composing turn around time has been astoundingly quick! Thanks again for a great product.

I’m guessing there is a gradual dynamic abutting the beat where you want to put mf that’s linked across staves. If so, you could:

  • Unlink nearby dynamics and try again (you can re-link them later if desired)
    or, simpler:
  • Select a mf elsewhere that is not grouped or linked and Alt-click it to Flute 2

You can tell whether a dynamic is linked or grouped by selecting it and seeing whether others go blue. Vertically (on different staves) means linked; horizontally (on the same staff) means grouped.

Thanks! I will try it. I never used the unlink command before.

How do I unlink the dynamics? I use a MAC. Still getting the dynamic pasted where it shouldn’t be.

Select one of the linked dynamics. Then Edit>Dynamics>Unlink

Yay! It worked: Edit: Notations: Dynamics. Much thanks. Still, lots to learn.

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