Adding Mystic, Prologue and Spector into Cubase 13?

Hi all

I’d like to upgrade to Cubase 13 from 12. I’d also like to retain Mystic, Prologue and Spector which as I understand it is simply a case of reinstating this file into the equivalent folder for Cubase 13:-
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\VST3\SynthEngine.vst3

Has anyone managed to do this in 13 successfully? I did it ok for 11 to 12… Thanks !


Sorry, not updated yet. Though, in the absence of any speedy responses, you could always consider installing the C13 Trial edition and finding out for yourself (and reporting back for the rest of us).?

Didn’t test the sound, but…

Ahh! That looks promising! Thanks for checking :slight_smile: